Danger lurks on areas frozen creeks & ponds

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – The Rock Community Fire Protection is warning parents now to talk to their children about the dangers of walking over frozen creeks and ponds.

“Never walk over any ice,” said Ron Harder, Rock Community Fire Protection District.

“You never know what could happen.”

The warning comes one day after a 6-year-old child died in icy creek waters in Oklahoma.   Rescuers said the child was not in that deep of water, but he was trapped under a block of ice he couldn’t move.

“Hyperthermia can set in almost instantly,” said Harder.  He showed us some of the equipment his firefighters use to make ice rescues.  The equipment included special water suits to keep rescuers warm and ropes that can be tossed to firefighters or victims.

In 2007, two teens were rescued from the frozen waters of Wild Acres Park in Overland.

One of the teens challenged the other to walk on the ice.   There are signs in the park warning visitors to, “Keep of the ice.”

Harder said another common mistake is chasing after pets.  He said children will chase after their pet and then the child will fall in.  He hopes parents will talk to their children about the dangers of underestimating what can happen when walking over a frozen lake, pond, creek or retention basin.