La Russa unanimously voted into Baseball Hall of Fame

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(KTVI) - Tony La Russa has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Baseball's winter meetings started Monday in Orlando, Floridaand the former Cardinals manager  was among those voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame by the Expansion ERA Committee.

Mangers Joe Torre and Bobby Cox were also voted in unanimously.  La Russa is third in all-time wins by a manager.

La Russa was with the Cardinals from 1996 until he retired in 2011 after the Cardinals won the World Series. Before that, La Russa managed the Oakland A's and the Chicago White Sox.

They will all be inducted into the Hall of Fame on July 27, 2014 in Cooperstown.

Among those excited by Tony LaRussa`s selection for the Baseball Hall of Fame are Cardinals fans, and leaders of local charitable organizations he has always been willing to help.

"He is well deserved going into the Hall of Fame," said Martin Mathews, President of the Mathews-Dickey Boys' and Girls' Club of St. Louis.

When Jack Buck passed away, LaRussa stepped in to host the club's 'Jack Buck Night' every year.

"He raised money for us to work with thousands of young peopleand he was always there if you called him," Mathews said. "Whatever you needed, Tony was there."

LaRussa was also well known for his love of animals, as the founder of the California-based Animal Rescue Foundation.

But LaRussa has also been a generous supporter of Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

"Everyone is really excited," said Jen Foster of Stray Rescue. "He really deserves this honor because he has been so wonderful to the St. Louis community while he was here and to the animal lovers and the dog community," Foster said.

But for baseball fans, the Hall of Fame selection is about what LaRussa did in the dugout.

"It`s great recognition of an outstanding career," said fan Gary Schlansker.

"He was a wonderful leader of the St. Louis Cardinals."

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LaRussa Carved Distinct Path On The Road To Cooperstown


    • Bogus Jones

      Obviously Mr. KGB, you have never done anything that required you to apologize, appear in court, do everything that the court ask of you and on top of that dedicated your entire life to helping animals that have been left to survive on their own, no matter how sick or ill they might be. Why not forgive and forget, instead of remembering to act like a complete a**h***!!!

      • KGB

        Why,because if he DIDN’T have a connection to the Cardinals,The city would be all over any dirty little tidbit they could find,but since he does,they play stories like that down in the local media and look the other way.I read the comments all the time if it concerns another team/ player it’s okay,but if it’s the beloved Cards,watch out!It’s fine for the newscrew to say the Mets are pondscum,or anything similar about other teams/players,but let a DJ mention shingles,and the lynch mob comes out.A**h***’s?That’s the pompous,one-sided fans of this town.In all the cities I’ve been in,this is the biggest bunch of bigots to be found if anyone says nary a word against the precious Redbirds.BTW,I’m a Cubs fan,I’m used to abuse,so reply away and have fun with it!.LOL

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