South City neighborhood fears fake knockout report tarnishing area

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Residents and business owners in south St. Louis are worried that a false police report about a knockout game is tarnishing their neighborhood as unsafe.

You may remember last week that St. Louis police said that the story of a 23-year-old woman who claimed she was a victim of a knockout was made up.

She told police that three black men attacked her outside a South City bar last month.  But police have since said actually she was hit by her boyfriend.

The knockout claim was a lie but the truth is it’s difficult to undo a story that went viral.  Residents and businesses of the Tower Grove East Neighborhood say they always are concerned about safety, but this false story that lingers in cyberspace can have a long term impact on neighborhoods and small businesses.

Neighborhood leaders say Tower Grove East has made great progress in rehabbing older homes and attracting restaurants and businesses based on the stability of the area and they worry the false report may create a climate of fear.

FOX 2 did not report the knockout story at the time because we had questions about the story.  Other St. Louis media outlets did report it.

Police say the woman and man involved in filing the false police report face misdemeanor charges.

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  • MudDuck

    REALLY! —– That is what is tarnishing the neighborhood ?
    It’s not the murders, rapes robberies, and drugs on every corner, or the real knockout game thuglets that killed the elderly Asian man.
    This is a story?
    What a bunch of donkeys.

  • Summer Dickey

    What is the connection between a false attack report in Southwest Garden and the Tower Grove East neighborhood? The “attack” location and The Shaved Duck are nearly 2.5 miles apart.

    The business and home owners of Tower Grove East deserve an on-air apology. YOUR “false report may create a climate of fear” for those unfamiliar with the wonderful diversity of our City’s neighborhoods.

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