Video: Sandy Hook victim’s mother shares emotional message: “Evil did not win”

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The mother of a 6-year-old girl killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Emilie Parker, created this heart breaking and inspiring video shortly before the anniversary of the tragedy.

Emilie and her family lived in Ogden, Utah for a time, and this summer the Ogden Raptors honored her memory.


  • Nicole

    words can not describe this message you have created! As a mother I sit here and bawl my eyes out because the lose of a child is somethng you will never forget!!

  • Tracey Bruce

    Thank you for becoming an overcomer. Because of your commitment to continue to do good despite all you’ve been through, more people will be inspired to step out of their own troubles and be there for others. May God grant you peace.

  • C.R.

    I love this tribute. We lost our 25 y.o. son to cancer. It is hard to understand the loss and why it has to happen. Only God knows the reason but, we must take the love we had for that person and spread it around for others to feel they love they cannot give anymore. He did the same by giving us his Jesus to walk and spread the Good News. Thank you to all the Kaleb and Emilies’!

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