Watch this: Smoking medical marijuana transforms woman with Cerebral Palsy

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(KTVI) – This is a clip from the documentary, “In Pot We Trust.”  The film explores the politics and treatments associated with medical marijuana.

Jacqueline Patterson is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. The disease disrupts the signals between the brain and the muscles.  This causes problems with movement, posture, coordination and speech.

She was reported for cannabis possession in Kansas City and has moved her family to California.  Patterson won a court case in California arguing that her consumption of marijuana was strictly for medicinal purposes. Watch the video to see the dramatic change in her behavior after she smokes the medical marijuana.

This is an excerpt of a letter she wrote to the Kansas City Star, “I was born with cerebral palsy and discovered early on that cannabis mitigated the most painful physical and emotional manifestations of my disorder. I later learned that cannabis can help stutterers speak more clearly and that decades ago, doctors discovered the herb’s ability to alleviate muscle spasms, from which I also suffer.

A year ago my children and I reluctantly fled our home in Kansas City and headed for the sanctuary of California’s Compassionate Use Act.” Read more here .


  • sheri wellen

    Legalize marijuana for those that suffer from sickle cell anemia, cancer, cerebral palsy and other afflictions. All this woman wants to do is be a good mother.

  • Katie

    I’ve suffered from migraine headaches since I was 6 years old.They would come and go every 2 months, and last for 3-4 days at a time. My symptoms included nausea, light and sound sensitivity, and the worst was vomiting, which I would do 15-20 times on the first day of being sick. The acidity from the vomit started to rot my teeth, and I would miss countless days of school, which had an impact on my grades. For years, I was told I had vertigo, and was given Meclizine which really didn’t have much of an effect. It was only in 2011 that I found out I have migraine headaches, not vertigo. After smoking marijuana for the first time in 2008 (senior year of HS), my headaches not only became less frequent, but my vomiting would go down as well, and my other symptoms also became less severe. Before I started smoking, I could hardly get out of bed, much less drive anywhere. Now, I can drive to work, and as long as I don’t spend much time outside and wear sunglasses while driving, my nausea doesn’t bother me as much. Ever since my new doc diagnosed me as having migraines, she prescribed Maxalt, which does help about as much as marijuana does (as long as I take it right before going anywhere), but it is really expensive. 12 tablets cost me almost $200.
    Say what you want about marijuana, but it has helped me, it has helped other people I know, and I know it can help many others, and to ban this medicine, in my opinion, is harmful to the millions of people who could benefit from medical marijuana/

  • Immortal Illumined

    the greatest plant in the universe is almost free, LET FREEDOM RING!!!13

    only 20 years behind us Missouri, sad and scary….nobody denies freedoms like the south, nobody


  • Sharon Moreland

    Absolutely make it legal. It helps so many different illnesses. I have chronic pain. I’ve went through sleepless nights because everything my doctors would try me on didn’t work. Yes, yes, and yes!!! It should be legalized.

  • Kathie Tobin

    I have a son with a severe head injury from car wreck. He has seizures and pot keep most of them away. He,s 44 and never going to get better! I say make it legal!!!!!

  • Jacquelynne Whydoesitmatter

    People with our name are power houses we do what we have to survive. I suffer from a neurological disorder that makes walking very hard to do and I have tremors really bad too. I don’t think this is the thing for me but I’m very thankful that your finding the peace in pot that helps you. It should not be denied you. If it is that I believe is no different then if they are discriminating against you. Good luck to you. Be strong..

  • Kristie Vernon

    Jackie was briefly my childhood friend. We lived on the same block growing up. We spent a lot of time together during those young years and I have thought about her ever sense. I would love to get in contact with her again if you are able to provide her email address. If you need proof, please ask Jackie if she remembers Kristie Gregory from E. 92nd terrace.

  • jula

    Clearly it works for her, no question. But a mother does not need to drive around the city at night looking for weed. Not knowing what she is actually getting…….everyone knows someone who uses pot and she should get it that way. She is setting herself up to look more like a pot head not a person with an actual medical need. I am a conservative, but I am all for doctor prescribed, natural remedies if it help with real issues. The problem is the people , like this young lady, who really need it is overshadowed by all the pot heads who just want it legalized for recreational use. I know several people who are terminally ill that use it often just so they can eat something that day.If people really care about this young lady and people like her, or with worse problems, push for doctors to be allowed to prescribe it, not head shops.

  • Ryan Brown

    Too bad she is a fucking actor who is making the fight for legalization harder. Here is a video of someone that actually has C.P. that shows their speech patterns. The way this girl talks is completely clear until she goes into her random spasms that seem more like a tourette syndrome symptom than C.P. All of her speech should have consistant mumbling. Watch how this woman is. Watch videos of other people that have C.P.

    I may be wrong, but she reminds me of the actor that tried to claim that the flu shot messed her up a few years ago.

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