Best Flight Ever: Airline makes passengers’ Christmas wishes come true

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(KTVI) - The Canadian airliner WestJet made some Christmas wishes come true with this one.

Passengers on two flights were greeted at the gates by a video monitor connecting them with Santa Claus.

They were asked what they wanted for Christmas and then Westjet went out and got the gifts for more than 200 passengers.

More than 150 Westjet employees stopped by various stores while the passengers were en route to Calgary.

When the flight landed the surprised passengers were greeted with the wrapped presents.

Westjet filmed the entire process and the surprise and released it on YouTube. The video has been viewed more than 2 million times and shared on various social media sites.

St. Louis marketing companies are calling the more "brilliant." "It sends subtle messages about being good with logistics," Spoke Marketing Partner David Meyers said.

"It also reaches a lot of people for mush less than a 30 minute commercial would cost."

Watch the full video in the player below.


  • DJH

    Absolutely awesome! It doesn’t take a lot to build loyalty but it seems to elude many businesses today with greed as their driver. Not only did this blow away the customers but look how happy the employees were to be apart of something like that. Who wouldn’t want to work there. and in turn happy employees lead to happy customers. Another aspect that seems to confuse most businesses.

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