Jefferson County to conduct sobriety checkpoints

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO. (KTVI) – Jefferson County has announced that it will conduct sobriety checkpoints, and saturation patrols on Friday, December 13th. The checkpoints and patrols will be part of nationwide efforts for “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over”, “Holiday DWI Enforcement”, and “Blueprint for Safer Roadways”.

Sheriff Oliver “Glen” Boyer said the operation will focus on catching drivers operating vehicles while intoxicated.


  • Shannon

    I’m thankful for all the men and women protecting our roads. I appreciate your efforts and I wish there was a way to keep all people drinking and driving OFF the roads! Happy Holidays to all!

  • Shelley

    All cars in the near future, hopefully, should have breath test that are connected to the ignition of the car. The driver must blow and if the person isn’t intoxicated, then the car will start, if so then it won’t. It should also be tested once again during every stop the car makes ensure the person is still sober.

    • Rich

      Excellent Idea Shelley.. Unfortunately this will never come to be.. since the city and state will not make any money.. Its all about the $$$ and they use the cloak of “keeping us all safe” to hide the millions they will make… your idea is way to simple and gets the job done, however makes little to no money for the city and state.

  • Bob

    Yeah Shelley and after they do that, they should make us stop at checkpoints through your the city to check our “papers” and then we should probably just quit thinking for ourselves and turn the government into a dictorship. I think another regime tried that, I believe they were called Nazi’s and was ran by a guy named Adolf Hitler….are you Adolf Hitler Shelley?

    • Rich

      I see your point Bob, non of us want to a government having all the power, or any control over our lives…but her point and idea was valid and a good one. I feel the vast majority of Americans would not mind giving up some freedoms for the good of the majority.. having a “Smart” car that would not let an intoxicated drive operate the vehicle is awesome, simple and practical.
      So why in todays, day in age is it not in effect??? Simple… the “authorities” are not making any money on it… and it would cost them (state and local) billions!! with a B. Look at the revenue that would be lost.. That cant happen. He idea is too simple and gets the job done..

      Its a shame some Americans have paid the ultimate price to keep our freedoms, while others want to take them away ONLY for the all mighty dollar.

  • Bryan Chappell

    Shelley… can’t possibly be serious? You are a perfect example of the liberal mind farm. Get a grip. This isn’t Nazi Germany.

  • Melissa

    Don’t drink and drive, carry your registration, and have your veh insured and every complaint on this page is invalid. If your not doing anything they talk to you and you can move on with life. If your drunk, or have warrants, you go to jail. The guys out conducting the check points are doing what they are assigned to do, so being rude & disrespectful to them on the side of the road is only going to get you looked at more closely. I hope they have a safe and productive weekend!

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