Park Hills students getting early winter break due to snow

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PARK HILLS, MO (KTVI)-- Thousands of students south and west of St. Louis are getting an extended break all because of recent snows. The superintendent of the Central R-3 schools in Park Hills cancelled classes for Wednesday, the 4th snow day this year, and it’s not even officially winter yet.

This afternoon people were still digging out.  Vehicles were covered, and roads that were snow packed were a common sight.

The superintendent, Dr. Desi Mayberry said the safety of his 2,000 students is his number one concern.  Although he believes the buses and drivers can handle rough weather he worries about the safety of the 16 year old that just got a new driver’s license.  Mayberry said, “They are inexperienced drivers to begin with and then when you put them out with conditions they’re unfamiliar with i just worry about them panicking maybe overreact.”

They don’t have the manpower or equipment like heavily populated St. Louis County to deal with all the snow covered roads. For working parents cancelled school means they have to scramble and find day care for the youngsters. Students of course enjoy the snow days. Olivia Wofford, a 4th grader said, “I love snow days cause I’m out of school, and I don’t have to do any work at school.”

But with age comes wisdom. Conner Brown is a freshman.  Brown said, “It tends to take away your summer.”  Dr. Mayberry added, “The students they love me now but come May they’re probably not going to love me as much.” The snow has delayed summer vacation for the students. May 19th is no longer the last day of the school year.  It’s been pushed back to May 23rd, and more snow could make it worse.


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