Teacher behind #TheMixMovement passes away

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(KTVI) – Something amazing happened this October in Troy Missouri. Students took to Twitter to share their appreciation of their teacher. They started #TheMixMovement for Troy Buchanan High School teacher Greg Mix. He has just passed away after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.

Students sent tweets with the hashtag #TheMixMovement to every local and national media outlet to gain recognition for their Psychology teacher. Their efforts were not in vain. Several TV stations and newspapers picked up the story of this beloved teacher.

Melissa Orf wrote FOX 2 saying, “He was loved by all past and present students and will be missed by all who knew or knew of him. The #MixMovement was known around the world.”

The media blitz was a project of the Troy Buchanan High School business class. Many students took to twitter to say goodbye.