UPS leaves Christmas present in trash can

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BARNHART, MO (KTVI)-- A Barnhart mother believes her daughter`s Christmas present was accidentally thrown away.  Tracey Sole found a UPS notice in her mailbox indicating a package was delivered in, 'In black trash can.'

Sole says the package was delivered on trash day.  She believes it was thrown away before she got home.  The package was an Android tablet.

"I was crying all night," said Sole.  "I saved for months to get that for my daughter."

Sole contacted UPS and says the company told her to contact the company she ordered the tablet from.  That company told Sole they could send her a new tablet, but there is no guarantee it will make it to Barnhart by Christmas.

A UPS spokesperson told FOX 2 an investigation is underway to determine what happened.  The company also offered the following information:

•         UPS drivers will deliver a package that does not require a signature.  This is an accepted industry practice.
•         At UPS, we call this practice 'driver release.' Our drivers are trained to leave packages out of sight and protected from inclement weather. UPS drivers use an Info Notice to inform the customer of the package location - if it is out-of-the-ordinary or not along the daily walk path.  If it is a dense urban area with multi-unit residential high rise buildings, drivers will leave the package in front of an apartment, if he/she can get inside a secure door.
•         Also, shippers always have the option of selecting our Signature Required Service (There is a surcharge of approximately $3.00 for this service)
•         Use My Choice as an option to prevent theft. UPS My Choice customers have more control over when and how their packages are delivered. For example, members can tell drivers where to leave a package, reroute the package to another address or have it delivered to a local The UPS Store.
•         With UPS My Choice®, consumers have flexibility and control to manage their residential deliveries and avoid those 'sorry we missed you' notices left on the door. Registered members receive a free text or email message the day before the package arrives eliminating the need to continually track packages


  • Wendy Olson

    I love my UPS driver. He puts my package by my door and knocks loudly so I realize he’s been there. If he leaves the package elsewhere, he leaves a note and it’s in a safe place. he always has a smile on his face and cares about his customers.
    UPS drivers work harder than many in other professions. They have to empty their truck before their shift end and are definitely on late schedules this season.

  • Linda Cross

    We live in a semi rural area. My parents get their medications shipped to our home. Sometimes UPS will deliver to the post office and our rural carrier will then deliver it. Sometimes the UPS driver will deliver. Regardless of who it is, either the UPS driver or our rural carrier will then do one of the following: 1) Force the package into the mailbox causing us to struggle to pull it out without pulling the mailbox down. 2) Place the package inside of our car. This is done regardless of weather. We have had to return medications because they were placed inside the car in 100+ degree heat. My parents do not get out often and don’t check the car for packages. 3) They sit the package on TOP of the car. 4) They play a little game of tossing the package towards our porch, hitting the steps and bouncing back onto the grass.

    Our driveway is about 2 car lengths long. Just drive up, get out and place the dang package over the gate onto our cover porch. No matter how much I complain, they refuse to do this.

  • Carolyn Young

    Right now I am having a problem with the USPS as they claimed they left my pkg in a locked pkg box I tracked it) and the key in my locked mailbox as is usual but I got no key and no pkg. I have put in two claims and talked briefly with one person who check and said it wasn’t at the post office and would get back to me. That was two weeks ago and repeated calls get a busy signal…I believe they are either lying about delivering it or put the key in the wrong box and someone here in my complex now has my daughter’s christmas present.

  • jboo

    My iPad was apparently left at my door, but we weren’t home. It was a signature required, but that was odd because no iPad when the tracking said delivered and signed by me!

    UPS said I signed and showed me my signature and time. I was still at work at 3pm. My apartment building has security cameras and when backed up we saw the driver knock, stood there and used his finger on the little box and left. Only one hour after it was left, stranger walked off with my box. Sure they paid the claim, but really?

    Thanks UPS for letting item get stolen. UPS drivers are LAZY I see this guy all the time throwing stuff up the front and it spills out of the steps. I guess our stuff isn’t important enough. Thanks UPS! United Piece of S***

  • Brian Salvi

    Another thing that they used to do was use fake signatures or take an old signature for a package you signed for, and use it for the current lost package to say that it was indeed delivered to you. I used to work for them for years off of Jefferson Ave., They did some shady stuff there.

    • Tracy.

      No Brian Salvi, they never took old signatures and used it for other packages. I’m not sure that is even possible the way their system is set up. Anytime a package is missing, policy is that the customer contacts their shipper, the shipper can then contact UPS. UPS will follow up with the customer to find out if they received their package and if they didn’t then UPS either pays to replace the package or refunds the money. After that, the customer is usually required to sign for their packages.

  • Virginia Hess

    No complaints about UPS from me. I think most drivers try to do their best, and if they could defend themselves on this site, you’d probably hear many stories about the public they serve and the problems they encounter. I’ve seen recent videos of people stealing items left beside front doors. So, give them a safe place to leave packages. Every driver I’ve had contact with has been a good chap, just trying to make a living.

  • KT

    The company’s information about what could have been done differently (by the customer I might add) does NOT excuse a delivery driver leaving a package in a TRASH CAN!!!!

  • Stevie Ray

    I live on a farm in a rural area and they’ve always been good to me.. Although my cousin’s uncle’s mother in laws friend had a neighbor that had their package delivered to their neighbors boyfriends house on the wrong side of town and they put it in a tree house.. :)
    My hat’s off to all those who have to deal with the public as much as these guys and gals do..(especially around the Holiday season).

  • That Guy

    I bet she got the tablet, wrote that on the UPS slip, and is now trying to get a free tablet or donations from people that fell sorry for her.

  • Linda

    I can’t imagine them leaving it in my trash can. It’s so big that I wouldn’t be able to reach to the bottom of an empty can to get it out – and how often do you look in your trash can to see if UPS left a package before throwing out trash? I don’t.

  • Kaitlyn

    Why does a CHILD need an android tablet? I am 21 and don’t even have one.Get her some books or a doll instead.

  • Wes

    I can’t believe the little girl was going to receive a tablet…way too young. How about signing her up for a sport or taking her to do something fun instead.

  • Roselin Davis

    I had UPS deliver to Lawton Oklahoma and since I had the addresse wrong by one number it was sent to the wrong person. What really had me upset was the addresse they had was not a mailable adresse so I can not find where the package was sent to.UPS delivered and is not helping since it was delivered. This was a present for my grandbabie from Children’s Place who I have been able to contact either. I feel your pain.

  • JL

    ups are such idiots, they have real policy issues. i think they should make the driver/deliverer pay for the package instead, so the drivers will be more responsible.

  • John

    Reminds me of a few years ago; initial information said “left on porch”… after a day of that the story changed to “left behind mailbox” (mailbox is at end of driveway not in view from the house). What I found was package placed in black plastic garbage bag in drainage ditch “behind mailbox”. I proposed to UPS that they add a “thrown in ditch” box to their delivery notification form. Avoid them if possible ever since.

  • Bleep

    This is just plain stupid. Yes, UPS does and has left packages at my front door, even pricey ones, which I was NOT fond of, but whatever. THIS however, leaving it IN a trash can? That’s the equivalent of an application installing itself into the recycle bin in windows. JUST PLAIN STEWPIID

  • Rainy J.

    UPS literally just did the same thing to me. I ordered a tablet from my phone company and they left it outside my door and I live in an apartment complex. When the carrier was contacted he said he left it on one of the stairwells on a step. There are about 4 stairwells in my apartment complex and the tablet wasn’t in any one of those stairwells. I was never left a note or anything stating where he left the package or that they even came. I only found out where it was when I called UPS directly because I checked the tracking number and it said it was delivered already. I had to reorder the tablet and make a police report and then my phone company was supposed to have it delivered to a UPS store in my town. UPS intercepted the delivery and delivered it to a location that was obnoxiously far from me because they wanted to make sure I actually received the package this time. Calls to them by me and my phone company to have the package delivered to my job were unsuccessful. Ultimately I paid $50 for a cab ride to this UPS store to pick up my tablet. I absolutely hate UPS and their services. Worst delivery company ever. A package that should have taken 2 days to deliver was finally received after 3 weeks. Unbelievable. I don’t care how many hours you work. Common sense doesn’t go out the window after 13 hours.

  • Diane

    In spite of knowing that UPS has a policy that requires the buyer to contact the place purchased from, it doesnt change the fact that the UPS man made a mistake… If I was her, I would have done whatever I had to, to get a replacement in time for Christmas. How many of you would want to have to make your child wait for their present? Also, I want to make sure I say this clearly, yes it was a result of the UPS man leaving the package in the trash can, but he made a mistake! Just like I have to remember that even though it was a police officers fault my sister is dead because he hit her with his cruiser…he did not leave his house that morning and think to himself, I’m going to kill someone today….his fault yes, but he made a mistake, as humans tend to do!!!! And unfortunately, some mistakes can be very costly…or in my sister’s case…PRICELESS!

  • freezer44

    None of you a***oles have a clue what a UPS driver does in an average day. They have to deliver hundreds of packages per shift. You think they have time to wait while you waddle to your front door? If they did, NOBODY would get their delivery on time.

  • Sheila Hall

    I buy a lot of things from some things recently 2013 Nov. Some of the packages are completely crushed has holes in them. If its liquid eye care products it drips. But UPS will fix what they can on delivery. Im calling Walmart they sent it in a very flimsy box. UPS dosent really care about customers. I think UPS is blamed for delivery problems. Whens its business you bought something from.

  • Alice Rose

    Proper investigation should be done because we never know what really did happen to that. This can be a warning to everyone because this time of the year people knows that there are many gift packages that are sent to homes and opportunistic people my grab that chance to steal. I hope that kid will get his new tablet before Christmas!

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