Birth of identical triplets defies the odds

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (CNN) – Hannah and Tom Hepner are the proud parents of identical triplets. But these aren’t just any identical triplets, they’re extremely rare because they were conceived naturally – without fertility drugs.

The chances of a naturally occurring identical triplet birth are between one in a million and one in 200 million.

The babies are named Abby, Brin and Laurel. They weighed 11-pound – combined – at birth.


  • jamie smiley watts

    oh and we were all girls weighing 4lbs, 5lbs ,and 6lbs apiece and we are still doing great my mom and dad did it all natural as well no help in fact at first they only thought they were having twins at the first check they didnt find out that there was 3 of us until about the middle of her pregnancy and when they found out my mom said my dad just about fainted on the doctors office floor

  • shannan

    These people arent defying the odds… my good friend had identical triplets 7 years ago in st. Louis missouri. Why didnt she get a story? She wrote to you and all of the other news centers about it. Not a single reply!!! Was it because she wasnt a friend of a friend in your circle? I dont understand. Whatever. You are the 2nd people to report this. Probably the 2nd to not respond to me or her also. No faith in our news…. pickers and choosers. Sorry, my mother is friends with some of you and I know how she is…

  • kathy

    Im 28 and I live in Jerseyville, Ill and I went to school with identical triplets 3 girls they where a year older than me so its not that rare maybe now days

  • papasmimi

    Fertility meds only produce fraternal multiples. You can’t force a single egg to multiply itself, they only force more eggs out of the ovaries. So all identicals are natural.

  • jamie smiley watts

    i am an identical triplet that had fraternal twin boys i was on the news cause back in the 80’s that was rare but i didn’t get in the news or papers for being an identical triplet giving birth to fraternal twins thats awesome right

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