Early rain could wash away road pre-treatment

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Road crews are facing some challenging decisions ahead of our latest winter storm because of questions about how it will start.

The issue is whether to pre-treat roads.

If the storm starts as just rain, that pre-treatment could just wash away.

That possibility has some crews staying put while others have been out trying to get ahead of the storm.

MoDOT had trucks out yesterday getting some pre-treatment down on the roads just like they were doing in this video before last week`s storm.

IDOT did the same thing.

Officials with both of those agencies say in the interest of safety they are willing to take a chance of the pre-treatment getting washed away.

The city of St. Louis, however, has left it`s three brine trucks parked at least to this point.

Officials there believe pre-treating would simply be a wasted effort because of the expected rain to start the storm.