Chief Tim Fitch insists he is not retiring over feud with Dooley

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CLAYTON, MO (KTVI) - The St. Louis County police chief says he'll retire this coming February. Chief Tim Fitch made the announcement through his blog Friday morning. Fitch said he's enjoyed his time in law enforcement but is leaving to start his own public safety consulting group.

He says his decision has nothing to do with his sometimes-running feud with County Executive Charlie Dooley. But, Chief Fitch does say that St. Louis County should only have one police department; not the 66 it has now.

Fitch says he has no regrets about calling in the FBI to probe construction of the new County Police Crime Lab. Fitch thought their might be a criminal conflict of interest when a firm owned by the then-chairman of the County Police Board, and a close friend of County Executive Charlie Dooley, got a sub-contract to help build the lab.

In his blog, Chief's Chat, Fitch said, "It’s been said that the best time to leave is when you still love what you are doing.  That’s how I can describe my entire career.  Retiring from this position was not an easy decision. "

Fitch has worked in law enforcement since 1983 and has served as chief of St. Louis County Police since 2009.

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  • Paul Dillender

    All of the men & women of the Department are going to miss your leadership and courage to standup for them and The Department. The Retired Officers wii miss your dedication and thoughtfulness to them also.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Well, he worked his 30 years, almost 5 whole years as chief (wow!), so it’s time to cash in that huge lifetime pension on the taxpayer dime! Maybe he can join the ranks of those sitting at home on comfortable taxpayer welfare for life while complaining about the high costs of welfare for those who sit around at home! Oh, well, at least he seems like a decent enough guy – that puts him firmly in the minority of cops!

    • Sue J.

      Wow! I detest a bit of envy. Many unions bosses and individuals enjoy huge pensions for doing little over a lifetime for their community.
      So if anyone should share in “life after service” pension, it should be someone who has shown integrity and honesty though out their many years of service!

  • Mark Knopf

    I want to thank Chief Fitch for his service to the people of St. Louis County May God bless you for all your years of public service. Enjoy your retirement. So sorry to see you go. I hope your ethics stay with the next Chief!.

  • Sue J.

    Sad, when corruption causes an honest Police Chief to retire. It’s difficult fighting the “good” fight when our county administration is filled “the good ole’ boy network”! If we have to depend on our county executive to fill the spot…be ready for more corruption! Let’s hope that the next individual is not swayed by “the usual” tactics and can stand strong against the status quo.

  • Jim Silvernail

    Chief Fitch was not only a great Officer but also a wonderful person. Chief best of luck on your retirement you will be missed by your officers and citizens of St. Louis County.

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