St. Louis Symphony to play Mannheim Steamroller concert

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A holiday first for the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra. This weekend it will perform the Christmas music of Mannheim Steamroller. One of the original members of the Mannheim Steamroller band will be conducting the orchestra.

At rehearsal, guest conductor Arnie Roth of Chicago, remembers when it all began nearly 40 years ago. He was in the band. "We did eight fresh air records but it wasn't until the Christmas records that it kind of transcended the music scene."

The music has been described as 18th century rock. Roth Styill plays violin with Mannheim Steamroller. This experience of conducting with what he calls, one of the world's greatest symphony orchestras, presents the music in a wider musical palette.

Mannheim Steamroller has sold over 40 million albums and the music crosses the generations. Symphony cellist Bjorn Ranheim has been a fan all his life. "Starting at a young age we were introduced to it our house in Minneapolis and i still love it today its just a fun upbeat wonderful way to celebrate the holidays."

The Mannheim Steamroller Christmas Concert by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra is Saturday at 7pm. A Sunday matinee at 2 pm at Powell Hall in Midtown St. Louis.