Boeing email gives St. Louis hope it will land 777X plane project

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- An email from Boeing Ray Conner was posted to the Washington Aerospace Partnership's Facebook page this week.

It states that the company will "narrow down" its list of states to select for production of the 777X Commercial Airliner this week.

Production of the planes could create as many as 8,000 new jobs.

Missouri is one of 22 states in the running for the project.

The following excerpt is from the email that was sent from Boeing executive Ray Conner to Boeing employees:

"This week we are narrowing down that list to a handful, from which we will make our final decisions."

Boeing had been negotiating with the Machinist Union in Washington last week, but talks broke down and now Boeing says it has moved on to the other states that have made offers.

Boeing is asking for tax breaks and deals on property.

St. Louis County is offering 1.8 Billion in tax breaks.

The county is following in the footsteps of state lawmakers, who have passed a bill approving $1.7 Billion in tax incentives for Boeing.

The state tax breaks could take away some funding for low income housing.

Local unions are also offering Boeing incentives, including working three shifts without overtime to construct the buildings required to produce the planes.

“I think it’s worth it anytime you can put people back to work,” Jeff Aboussie of the Building and Construction Trades Council of St. Louis said.

"I don't think there is one union in this town that's not excited about this."

Boeing is expected to make a final decision on a state in Jan. 2014.



  • ByeByeToTheRite

    So, the union boss says he doesn’t think “… there is one union in this town that’s not excited about this.” I guess that also means there is not ONE LEGIT union in this town. Because the union who would be getting the work turned them down again, so obviously Boeing is playing hard ball. All the local unions are doing is breaking their union and helping big corporate Boeing get what they want at the expense of other workers. They may as well be slaves, kneeling before their Boeing Master on bended knee – I guess that’s the only way St. Louis Boeing workers can get work, certainly nothing else going for them. I say kudos to the Washington unions for standing up to them – if ALL the unions were to do that, as they do in Europe, they could have Boeing BEGGING US to work for them and improving the prosperity of ALL workers by actually doing business in the free enterprise system, unlike our government subsidized, “socialized” corporate welfare state. Okay, St. Louis unions, you can get off your knees now, Boeing got your message you are willing to sellout.

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