Cardinal Burke removed from Congregation of Bishops

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(KTVI) – Cardinal Raymond Burke, a former St. Louis Archbishop, is removed from the Congregation of Bishops.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports Pope Francis removed Burke from the group as part of a reorganization move.

No reason was given for the move, but news reports have noted contrasts between the liberal pope and the conservative Burke.

Burke will keep his position as president of the Vatican’s highest court.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Hey, Burke the Jerke is back in the news! If ever religion needed a better example of how phony and hypocritical religious leaders can be, Burke the Jerke is the one! Tried to steal that Polish church in the Baden neighborhood – he’s more like a corrupt corporate CEO than a religious leader. And contrast? Between the “liberal” almost Marxist (meaning of course he’s just trying to be fair) current pope and the money-hungry, religious conservative thug Burke? I’m sure Burke the Jerke is not happy with Pope Francis right now! Maybe some day he can come back to St. Louis and protect more child-abusing priests from prosecution or steal some more cash for the coffers!

  • Diane26

    Cardinal Burke is ultra-conservative. I suppose some would think he’s a jerk, but he has done a lot of good in his life. He’s a very devout man.

  • David Fiedler

    Well, well, well…is this the first minute sign of a formal schism in the making? I wonder. I’m from the St. Louis of Cardinals Glennon,Carberry and Ritter, but haven’t lived there in 40 years. Vatican II came in the door, and I left the building, not to return to this day. The Council placated the masses, not changed the Church. In my eyes it is still rotten to the core. When will the Vatican realize the Catholic Church is based upon spirituality; not the temporal? Perhaps Francis can tear down and rebuild anew the basic structure of the organization, but two thousand years of history are hopelessly stacked against him. However, should he have a just a modicum of solid success, in my dotage I may just wander back through the door!

  • buddy

    Good for Pope Francis.. He should reform more. Reduce the number of Cardinal in the world to 12. Leving 4 in rome clerical positions and 8 in world locations. example one in North America, 1 in south america, 1 in the asias, 1 in europe, one in the far east one each in contriversial countries.
    On the subject of Cardinal Burke good. He made a mess out of St. Sanislous Roman Catholic Church in St. Louis Missouri. The Pope should go further and make Cardinal Burke remove the Sensure and Excommunication actions placed on this congragation of good catholics.
    The church is currently removed as a Roman Catholic church in STL and it’s whole congration have been excommunicated and sentured to this day. He tried to sell the church and its land, he did not own, over the heads of it’s real owners. The issue was taken to court and the court ruled in favor of that churc and it’s Parishioners. But it did nothing to remove the sensure and excommunication actions.I think his actions have a legal name…

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