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Five surprising predictions about the next five years

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(KTVI) – Researchers at IBM have come up with their annual “5 in 5” list. Their predictions for this year are nothing short of astounding. But, considering the advances in technology and science over the past decade they are not unreasonable. Think about this, the iPhone came out in 2007. Now, 56% of adults carry a smartphone in their pocket.

From IBM’s 5 in 5 webpage, “This year, IBM researchers are exploring the idea that everything will learn – driven by a new era of cognitive systems where machines will learn, reason and engage with us in a more natural and personalized way. These innovations are beginning to emerge enabled by cloud computing, big data analytics and learning technologies all coming together.

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1. Buying local will beat online

2. The classroom will learn you

3. Doctors will routinely use your DNA to keep you well

4. A digital guardian will protect you online

5. The city will help you live in it


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Not sure how accurate, but what would be MORE ACCURATE would be to call this story “5 Things IBM *HOPES* Will Come True” because there just hasn’t been anything big with computing to come along for almost 15 years that has benefitted this dinosaur of a company. They’ve been beat in just about everything they do (except providing giant obsolete computing for other giant obsolete corporations).

  • franzcars

    The buying local thing just may be coming true now. I looked for a flute for my daughter on line and saw what was by far the best price. I called locally and found the better model flute for almost 20% less! Needless to say, I don’t blindly buy online. I check local also.

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