Former Kinloch Mayor convicted of lying about job while serving sentence

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – The former Mayor of Kinloch has been sentenced to six months in prison on federal charges of submitting false employment records. These charges come while he is completing  a sentence at a St. Louis halfway house.

Mayor Keith Conway, 49, was sentenced in November 2011 to 21 months in federal prison for using city funds to pay for personal expenses.  He paid for a Florida vacation, timeshare condo and tried to bribe city officials with tax dollars.

He was transferred to a prison in Marion, IL to the Dismas halfway house to finish his sentence.  The Dismas House requires that inmates seek full time employment during their stay. Conway submitted many false payroll records to the program director.  He has been convicted of lying about having a full time job. He was allowed to leave the house during the hours that he said he was working.