Kill list found in elementary student’s locker

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RED BUD, IL (KTVI)-- Parents in the Red Bud, Illinois school district are upset, and a little nervous after a “death list” was found in an elementary school student’s locker.  Some sort of tip led officials to the student, who is not being identified.  The child’s anonymity has some parents angry.

The incident unfolded Friday at Red Bud Elementary.

“Threatening note was found Friday morning.  I’m not going to get to the specifics of what was on the note, but we contacted the Red Bud Police Department right away,” Superintendent Jonathan Tallman said.

While police did not comment for this story, Tallman said investigators determined there was no danger to anyone involved.  But it’s what school officials won’t say that has parents asking question.s

Tracy Evans says her son, a sixth grader, was on the “death list,” and she was called into Tallman’s office to discuss it.

“Can you tell me who did it?” she says she asked.  “And he said he couldn’t tell me who it was, he said a privacy matter.   But how are you supposed to protect your kid if you don’t know who the other kid is.  That was my biggest thing and that was my son’s biggest thing…not knowing who was threatening to hurt him and not knowing who to stay away from.”

She says that lack of information made getting her son to go to school this week difficult.

“He didn’t go yesterday. We fought tooth and nail trying to get him to go yesterdayand he wouldn’t go.  He says, ‘What happens if he’s there or she’s there, whoever it is is there, and they’re gonna get me.’  He says, ‘You don’t know, they can walk onto school grounds and do whatever they want.  Who’s gonna stop ‘em?’”

Tallman concedes he’s caught between a “rock and a hard place” in terms of identifying the child.  He’s also not able to say what kind of discipline the student received, or if that student will remain at the school.  But he insists everyone is safe.

“I’m confident that this threat is no longer in this district.  When I say that, the threat is gone.  You say, ‘is it case closed?’ I do feel as if this threat that we found has been taken care of,” he said.

But Evans, and other parents we spoke to who didn’t want to be identified, want more information.

“You worry because you don’t know what’s gonna happen to your kids.  And mother’s instinct, you want to protect your kids.”








    • Mom myself

      What’s wrong with this generation? Exactly what the mother said In The article “we tried to get our son to go to school, we fought tooth and nail”. He’s in 6th grade. He’s going to school. I understand he’s afraid, but you have to be the parent and make him. I have 2 6th graders and I decide what they are and aren’t doing. Too many parents let their children run the family and that’s what’s wrong with them. I also agree I may have let my child stay home a couple days, but ultimately unless I choose to homeschool I gave to send them. They must learn to deal with adversity.

      • Mother as well

        I agree that as a parent, the parent decides when the child is allowed to be absent – such as in illness or doctor’s appointment. However, if I heard the interview correctly, this specific child that argued with the parents was specifically listed on the “kill list”. The mother said when she was contacted by school officials, that is what she was told right off the bat. Therefore, I totally understand this child’s fear. I also am wit the mother that she deserves the right to know who this kid was that authored the “kill list”. After all, what if this kid resides in the neighborhood and comes over to play with their child and actually attempts to harm him/her?

      • Ken

        I agree. My mom ruled the roost when I was a kid. There was no fighting tooth and nail. Many parents today are too afraid to be parents. They’re more worried about being liked. It’s sad really.

  • John Michael Crockett

    This is not the first violent threat to be made in Red Bud. We had bomb threats in the 70’s, and a teacher’s life was threatened by a former student. A Waterloo Principal was held hostage by an armed student back in the 70’s or 80’s. The truth is physical violence can happen anywhere.

    • Linda

      Exactly, our new insurance starting in January includes birth contro and improved maternity care for all males and post menopausal women but severely cuts behavioral health. So much so that a full time working person cannot afford help at all.

  • Faye Tackett

    No one has the right to withhold information about dangerous threats, nor would I trust the judgement of someone who does

  • Kelly

    If that was me, I would pull my son out of school and start homeschooling! This isn’t right. Something has to be done. This is getting out of control! Why not install metal detectors, or give them veterans who don’t have jobs a job being a guard at the school? As a mom of a two year old, I’m definitely thinking of homeschooling as a option!

    • Larry

      Money, that’s why. The state of Illinois is broke. Hiring an out of work veteran sounds good, but the money isn’t even there to hire enough teachers, let alone pay for some sort of security officer.

  • Nathan Brice Lee

    I do not see how the student has the right to privacy any longer or has the right to be protected once they make a threat of this magnitude against another student or group of students, If they are to ever be held accountable for their actions or too realize what they have done don’t you think they should have to feel the shame or the akwardness that all these other children are feeling because of this threat. instead, to me they have got away with the whole situation because they have been told “now sally (**I just made up a Name) you have done something bad. why did you do it,, Dont ever do it again,, Okay mommy, I won’t, okay, Now go back to class” and the parent of that student should be held accontable and i know as hard or harsh as that sounds it is their child actions and their responsablility. they are the parents if that kid is doing something like this at this age can you imagine what they are going to do or will do when they get older, this is a perfect example to me of a troubled child that needs direction or help now to become a productive citizen in society. of course this is just my opinion….

  • bonescraper75

    I keep seeing everyone talk about the student that made the list, my question is what were the kids that were on the list doing to the kid that made the list? Bullying can have horrible outcomes and it’s an epidemic. I’m not condoning or taking any side on this issue, but all angles need to be looked at. Also, this administration keeping this student a secret is not right, how do we protect our children when we don’t know what or who to protect them from?

    • Marie

      That was my first thought to! They are not telling, but maybe the child has been removed and that may be the reason they know there is no more threat. The threat was a piece of paper and a metal detector would not have picked that up. I do understand the mother’s frustration and that children should feel safe in school.

  • Rachel

    Once you start threatening the lives of others, your right to privacy disappears. They don’t want to look back at this and wish they would have done something, this kid needs to be removed from the school.

  • Pat Griffith

    this was a note no actions were made by the student the action taken should be to get this child some therapy help and get the school and classrooms some counselors to speak and teach spotting mental health issues and depression .and even bullying or abuse either at home or in the community and give them a place to call so those with issues can get help before anything happens . I see the note as a cry for help . better get help before a real crime is committed . .many therapists suggest to write dark feelings down instead of doing them , this could be the case .

  • Erica

    This is a scary situation for all who are involved. The kids on the list may not have done anything to the child who made it. Sometimes kids do things because they are jealous. The only person who knows the truth is the child who wrote it. There is no need to speculate what the child was thinking. The school and police department handled it in a professional manor. There is no reason to publicize the child’s name so that he/she can be labeled a “bad kid” the rest of their childhood. What good would that do? We all should pray for everyone involved including the child who wrote the list.

  • iHATEidiotGAYS

    The school can’t say the name because the child is a minor. You can’t release a minors name into the public without parental consent. Done.

  • Former RBHS Student

    Fox news is awful. It doesn’t say “kill” anywhere in the article or quotations, but they use it in the title. Anything for an internet hit. Ridiculous.

    If the police were notified, then I’m sure any firearms or other perceived weapons were removed from the child’s home. A death list is not a direct threat of violence, but it’s more than enough to obtain a search warrant from the family’s home, possibly even relatives as well. It’s a small town.

    I think the school and police handled it properly. As mentioned above, you can’t release the child’s name. But if I know anything about that silly, gossiping town, everyone will know in a week anyway and overreact accordingly.

    I don’t think the play is to expel the child. That’s a slippery slope when dealing with a minor who is undoubtedly scared him/herself now. The sad truth is that this kid probably made the list thinking it was for their own peace of mind. Obviously, something had to happen to lead to this. In my mind, figuring that out is the next investigative step.

  • Mark

    Someone save me from the words “for the children”. I had parents like the people on here and nearly got killed because of their over protection. In jr. High I stumbled into the midst of some serious illegal activity going on in my school. I bluffed my way out and decided I would TEACH my child how to deal with situations instead of protect them from them. Which is what I did. Now I have a wonderful adult daughter with a good job whose wedding is next month. Grow up people teach your kids all you can, then trust them.

  • BS1

    It’s awefully easy to drop a note into someone else’s locker and then provide a “tip” that it might be in there. I certainly hope those investigating recognize this and check carefully for fingerprints and other evidence to ensure the child who’s locker the note was found in actually wrote it.

  • Luis

    If any body truly believes that a 6th grader would kill her classmates you are stupid. What would the 6th grader use markers and pens? And I say her because the stupid lady in the video clearly makes it obvious that it is in fact a girl who is responsible for this list because she said that in the inter view

  • Gym

    I would have to do some serious discussion with my child as to why he/she was on the “kill list” to begin with. Were they bullying this child? Very scary all the way around.

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