Teen charged with sexually assaulting pregnant student at school

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BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)–A 17-year-old Belleville East High School student is charged with sexually assaulting a pregnant student.

Police say David Fields, of Shiloh, attacked a female student and forced her to have sex.

The attack happened Friday at the high school.

Police have said that the victim knew Fields, but did not comment further.

Fields is being held on a $100,000 bond.


  • iHATEidiotGAYS

    That’s disgusting. That sick kid needs to go to prison. Who the f*** does that. If he doesn’t go to jail now, he’s sure to become a child molester in the future.

  • ean12967

    “Political” ?? Are you kidding me? Where’s the outrage? Where’s Jesse or Al? If this was a white guy sexually assaulting a pregnant black female there would be riots in L.A. again.

    Just goes to show you the hypocrisy in the urban community.

    • Wallace Miller

      That was an ignorant statement. The argument starts because of your Obama statement. What was the point of you even saying that? It’s not a color thing. What the kid did was wrong NO MATTER WAHT HIS SKIN COLOR. What you said was WRONG. You are ignorant for making that comment. That’s why race is always brought into situations like this because ignorant people make silly comments about race. You have issues.

    • Carmen Borden

      people like you who make the statement you’ve made clearly are uneducated on the matters of protests and why they occur. so stop trying to inject politics and social behaviors where it doesn’t belong. there’s no point in a protest given he was arrested, therefore, there wasn’t any “injustice” in this case. if it were a white guy who had assaulted this girl, and he was arrested, again, no need for a protest because there’s been no “injustice.” that being said, i’m glad he’s been arrested and he should do serious time.

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