Edwardsville legislator introduces bill to combat the “Knockout Game”

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SPRINGFIELD, IL. (KTVI) – A state representative from Edwardsville is trying to fight the ‘knockout’ game.

The so-called ‘game’ involves punching an innocent victim in the head, with the goal of ‘knocking’ them out.

Representative Dwight Kay is introducing a bill, reclassifying knockout attacks as class-two felonies.

Those felonies would carry a three to seven year prison sentence.

The measure would also allow minors to be tried as adults for ‘knockout’ crimes.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    I have a suggestion for this new law: Change the “Knockout Game” rules so that the person convicted of knocking somebody out now gets to be the next victim, where a former victim gets to knock the punk in the head as hard as they want with a metal baton. This should take care of the problem in the long run.

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