Bomb threat evacuates Triad High School in Troy, IL

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TROY, IL (KTVI) – Investigators are responding to Triad High School in Troy Illinois for a report of a bomb threat. Madison County police say the report of a threat came in at around 1:30pm. The school has been evacuated as police search the school

There are no reports of any injuries. The investigation is on-going.

Final exams start on Thursday. Students were preparing for the tests on Wednesday.

Details will be posted as this story develops.


  • Kelly Davis

    I have 3 kids there-the kids are being told nothing and parents have not been notified as of yet. I have only heard from 2 of my kids via cell phone. The kids say they are in the baseball field. As I am writing this I got an automated call from the school saying only that there is a “threat to the school”. They also say they will not be dismissing early and parents should not come early to pick up students. They said parents who normally pick up students can do so at the regular dismissal time “along Marine road”. Bus students will ride the bus as usual. They said the students are outside, safe and being supervised by the staff.

  • Dawn Hoyle

    I have two there, and I think we should of been able to pick them up or at least call them and talk to them to check in on them

  • hunter thompson

    I was a student there. no time to get anything from lockers but students can return to get belongings between 6-7 tonight.

  • Kelly Davis

    The kids were no where near the school when using their cell phones. If all it took was a random text message or cell phone call to trigger a bomb, I’m sure they wouldn’t be allowed to have them at school, ever. The teachers use their cells almost as much as the kids do.

    • Cody Lynn

      An explosive can still be set off via a cell phone no matter their distance, but there are only a handful of students there that know how to even set up the trigger, let alone the chance they would have access to any kind of explosive. But I, as well as much of the staff including the principle himself, know the few with this knowledge and that they wouldn’t do so. As far as it goes though, my girlfriend informed me of it just after they were sent outside. I also have a set of younger siblings still going there so they also let me know some of what went on.

  • Nathan Bryan

    I spent the entire hour out on that baseball field trying to get confirmation from my teachers and the principals that it was a bomb threat. Kinda ticked off that they kept us in the dark about something that all of us were guess. Whenever we asked, we were told basically no comment. Really frustrating, since we were given no reason as to why we were standing in muddy puddles and slushy, half-melted snow.

  • Tyler York

    Everyone seemed to turn out okay, I was irritated that i sat out in the cold for an hour with my toes freezing from stepping in puddles and mud. Other then that I think they should of been more organized and roll-called instead of herding everyone in-line. I refused to do that especially if a Code Red – OUTSIDE is considered to be bomb threat related, so I just hanged around the inside of the baseball dugout away from everyone, seemed safe to me.

  • Kristen Davis

    I’d agree. It was a bit unorganized to me with how they evacuated us. But I mean, it was unexpected and all of a sudden. It was scary knowing that someone wanted to do that. It was very irritating not really knowing what was going on, and being herded outside into the cold. When I had asked one of the teachers around me while I was headed outside, he was very straightforward with me, which was reassuring to me, but still a little bit eerie when I was told why we were evacuating outside. But luckily no one was hurt or injured today. Our safety was their number one priority, and they accomplished that.

  • Autum Hillyard

    It was aggravating how they didn’t even tell us what exactly was making us evacuate the building.. What really pushed my buttons was the fact that we couldn’t leave that early. Like isn’t it safer to be at home rather than a school under a bomb threat? It made absolutely no sense to me but I guess they have to do what they have to do.

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