McCluer High School student brings gun to school

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FLORISSANT, MO (KTVI) - Florissant police said a 15-year-old boy brought a loaded pistol to McCluer High School Thursday morning. He had enough bullets to kill more than a dozen people, fortunately no shots were fired, no threats were made, and no one was hurt.

Still, parents with children in the Ferguson-Florissant School District were upset, like Sherry Ivics.  Ivics has two children.  She said, “I think it’s ridiculous. I think they should do more to protect the kids.”

Around 8:30 a student informed officials that a 15-year-old boy brought a gun to school.  The sophomore’s backpack was searched, and the loaded gun was discovered.  Florissant Officer Andy Haarmann said they don’t know why the teen had the gun. “He hasn’t had any problem with any other student. He hasn’t any history with the Florissant Police Department. There’s no indication he was going to use it at the school, however he’s not saying why he had the gun,” stated Officer Haarmann.

Both police and school officials were pleased a student spoke up.  Officer Haarmann added, “It’s always gratifying especially when a young person goes to an authority person at the school and says this isn’t right I want to let you know about it.”

He said the teen was arrested for unlawful use of a weapon and turned over to juvenile authorities.  School officials are preparing to expel the student.

Some parents were pleased the way everything was handled. Sherry Reed said, “I’m not fearful of it at all. I think they handled it pretty well.”

But this Sherry Ivics has put her home up for sale she wants to move her kids to another district. She said, “The school district doesn’t do enough to protect the children.”

There are no metal detectors, officials have discussed them before but they are expensive and installing them would drastically change the mood at the school.  The district teaches kids from when they are very young, if they see something wrong to tell a teacher.


The following letter was sent home to parents:

"December 18, 2013

Dear McCluer High School Family,

I am writing to inform you about an unfortunate incident that occurred today, in which a loaded gun was recovered from a student on our campus.

At approximately 8:30 a.m., we received credible information that a student was in possession of a weapon.  The student was immediately detained in the school office and searched.  A loaded firearm was recovered.

The Florissant Police Department was contacted, and the student was taken into custody and charged. According to police, there is no indication that the student intended to use the weapon on school property.

Providing a safe environment that allows children to learn is our first priority. In addition to the criminal charges, the student will face immediate disciplinary action in accordance with the District’s policy for weapons offenses. According to the District’s Student Code of Conduct, a student may not possess, transmit or handle any weapons on school property, and expulsion proceedings will be initiated for any student in possession of a firearm on school property.

Thank you for your continued support,

Gary Spiller



  • Cornelius

    I am a student there and graduate tomorrow. Its crazy to see that student this morning and everything seemed fine.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      Just remember, Cornelius, this is NOT the norm but a far-out extreme case. Have faith that 99% of kids aren’t like this, but there always have been, is, and always will be a few exceptions that cause problems. So hopefully, you’ll realize that “crazy” is the exception, not the rule! Congrats on graduation – hope this doesn’t stop you from celebrating YOUR accomplishments.

    • Vicki Ferris

      I was raised in North County and graduated from McCluer. I teach there now and I choose to live in Florissant– a safe and pleasant community. The media should stop exaggerating: incidents of violence in North County are not the norm, but rather isolated deviations. Like every school, we are imperfect; but we also have many outstanding student-citizens. @ Cornelius… I am proud to know you and I’m proud to work with you and all my students.

  • Spook Cleopatra

    who will question the context of the situation though? it doesn’t say he was walking around like a mad man waving a gun. why is he carrying it? why doesn’t he feel safe? what neighborhood does he live in? lol. you all don’t care about these kids. you care about numbers. dollars and cents, bottom line. bc no questions will be asked about anything except how long he’ll be in jail and how much money did the district lose bc of attention due to the “incident”. i don’t see a search and find as an incident, but whatever.

    • Cornelius

      I respect your opinion but what does money have to do with him bringing a loaded gun to school. And doesn’t matter if he was waving it around, it dangerous and he had to have told someone or shown them. Your anger should be directed toward the parent(s). FYI I walk all through north county within my school district. Its safe.

      • Gwen

        I can say what money has to do with from my point of view. Some schools don’t what to do anything to the students when situation like this come up. They be worried that they won’t get there funds if they suspend the students. So they just keep letting things like this happen. When other students see there are no consequence, other than a slap on the wrist you will see more and more students bringing guns and everything else into the schools.

    • Gwen

      I agree with you 100% most of the schools only see $ # when they see the students. I was so happy to hear someone else feel the way I feel about the system seeing students as # and $. Thank You.

  • Steve Graham

    evidently he felt he needed a gun for protection. It doesn’t matter what school district you’re in, kids are ash o les and it very well could have been an instance of being bullied. Trust the media to get to the bottom of the story; they’re very close to the bottom of it already.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    They don’t know why he brought it? Gee, that’s easy! He was simply invoking his Constitutional RIGHT to bear arms! Wha’, some of you have a problem with that? His NRA daddy told him, “Son, if you’re a foolish coward and are afraid of everybody and everything like they’re all out to get you, just pack a weapon, just like daddy!” Based on some of the comments here, my sarcasm isn’t too far off – so some of you think it’s OKAY for him to bring a gun? That his fear justifies that? I think OUR fear of fearful people carrying around armed weapons justifies our RESTRICTING and BANNING weapons, gee don’t you think? And that’s all the current conceal carry craze is today – a bunch of delusional paranoid people who think everybody is armed and out to get them, so the solution is to arm themselves to the teeth. I think a BETTER solution for the conceal carry people AND this kid is to seek professional help to find out why you’re so flaming paranoid! Until then, the rest of society may have no choice but to someday severely restrict gun access – after all, we’re just “fearful” that some gun-carrying nutcase is out to get ALL of us, as has happened about a dozen times already.

  • john

    I worked at McCluer back in the mid 70’s. Whenever I would observe students openly smoking pot in the smoking area and bring it to the attention of the administration they would ignore it. I was young enough to infiltrate the group in the smoking area and get up close and personal and still nothing was ever done. Yes, those of you who think it’s about the money are right on. Nothing has changed in close to 40 years.

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