Northside redevelopment project to begin in June

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Fox 2 has exclusive details on the long-delayed northside development that's supposed to re-build 1500 acres of the north side and provide everything from new housing to new businesses and new jobs.

The project's been delayed for years, but now it's ready to begin.

Developer Paul McKee first began buying up property on the north side over a decade ago. But he now says the last legal hurdles are out of the way, and he expects the mammoth first-of-its-kind project to rebuild a huge devastated part of the city will actually start in June.

For years, it seemed like the audacious plan by developer Paul McKee was dead in the water. But after getting clearance from the Missouri Supreme Court last April, the clock began running on actually setting up financing and finalizing plans for phase one. And that planning actually was able to begin a few weeks ago on November 29th. McKee says he's been approached by several businesses wanting to set up shop in the area. The long-term vision now revolves around businesses centering on food, everything from plant genomic research and plant science to food processing and shipping . McKee says phase one of what's officially called the “Northside Regeneration Project” will start sometime in June with a very specific list of infrastructure projects.

McKee also says a fair amount of demolition work will be involved in the phase one project. He says eventually he would love for someone to build a professional soccer stadium or an NFL stadium somewhere in the project. He also says he wants people who currently live in the area to stay and hopes that at least one out of every four jobs created by the project can go to people living in the area.  The project area is roughly bounded by Natural Bridge on the north, Highway 40 on the south Grand on the West and Tucker on the east.

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  • ByeByeToTheRite

    An alternative title to this story should be: “Massive Socialist Public Works Project Began” because that’s what it is – but wait, it’s not CALLED that because it is socialist public assistance for a WEALTHY OWNER who owns the project. So that makes it OK with all the right-wing, anti-social Tea Party people who hate welfare so much except when it goes into the hands of the wealthy. So in this case, it’s a private development where the profits go into the pocketbook of the wealthy, even if it IS paid for by taxpayer money. That’s how it works in America today – and it ain’t working.

    • Michael Einsberg

      You sir, are talking about the Hijacked portion of the Tea Party. People like Marco Rubio or Sarah Palin. The ones the establishment threw in the Tea Party to give it a bad name…. oh and you fell for it.

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