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Police search for suspects in Metrolink robbery

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MAPLEWOOD, MO. (KTVI) – Police in Maplewood are looking for a couple who followed a woman off a Metrolink train, pulled a knife, punched her, and robbed her.  It happened the night before Thanksgiving, and now police are releasing video of the two people they say did it.

Officers say the victim was riding the train home from work, about 5:45 in the evening.  When she exited the train, the two suspects are seen on tape trailing her.

“It appears that it was pre-planned,” Maplewood Police Detective Jordan Wicks said.   “They seem to be following  behind her from a distance.  Then they can also later be seen running behind the victim where they committed the armed robbery.”

Police say they left the Sunnen Metrolink station, walking about 100 feet to an adjacent parking lot.  There the two allegedly approached the woman and one pulled a knife.

“The knife was displayed, and she was threatened with physical harm, then the male subject assaulted her,” Wicks said.

The two then returned to the Sunnen Metrolink station.  Video shows them carrying items police say belong to the victim.  From there they hopped on a train back into the city, but not before sharing a kiss on the platform while they waited.

“They later exited at the Forest Park Metrolink station,” Wicke said.  “I think that they’re from the area.  They definitely knew how to ride and where to go on the Metrolink.”

Police in Maplewood say their two Metrolink stations have not been problematic.  They call crime at Sunnen or Maplewood-Manchester stops rare.

Riders Wednesday seemed unfazed by what happened, seeming to believe it’s more of an isolated incident.

“An exception more than the rule,” Melissa Colter told us while waiting for a train.  “I think the Metro system will make sure that that doesn’t happen as often and will be more on guard.”

Maplewood Police are checking with other departments to see if the pair they’re looking for has committed similar crimes.

Meanwhile, they’re asking for anyone with any information on the suspects to contact Crimestoppers at 866-371-TIPS.  You can also contact Detective Wicks directly at 314-646-3658.

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