School bus beating leads to police patrols at bus stops

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HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- Exclusive cell phone video of a brutal beating on board a Hazelwood East School bus was given to Fox 2's Anthony Kiekow Thursday.

The video shows a student punching another student more than a dozen times.

As a Fox 2 News crew arrived at a Spanish Lake apartment to get the cell phone video Thursday the same bus arrived to drop off students.

A brawl started between the same student seen throwing punches in the cell phone video and several other students.

All of the students involved live in the same apartment complex.

St. Louis County Police and Hazelwood School District Campus Security were called to the scene to control the chaos.

Myiesha West's son filmed the video on the bus.

"It is very scary, and the bus driver did nothing either time," West said.

School district officials said they were investigating the bus beating and the brawl.

Police took the student seen throwing punches in the video into custody after the brawl.

The bus beating victim is expected to be okay.

A police officer is expected to be at the bus stop Friday.


  • ms myer

    I know this all to well. All 4 of my kids are in Hazelwood district and I have had nothing but problems with my kids on the buses. I have 2 elementary school kids that are beat up on the bus everyday and the bus driver does NOTHING about it. Does not stop the fight, inform the school of the fight. My 1st grade has been choked by a 5th grader with nothing done. I took them put of the Riverview Gardens district thinking they would be in better schools but it’s worse. I am ready to take them out. Something needs to be done about the bus drivers and the schools. When I saw this on the news edge at 10 I had to comment on it because they don’t do anything about it.

    • Danny Trice

      if that were my kid getting his Azzz kicked , by that punk ! i’d whip his Azzz like the pos he is , and let him know how it feels ! when he go’s before the judge he’ll cry like A whipped puppy

  • Julia Bowen

    And what are YOU doing Mom?? Do you or ANY other parents offer to ride the bus and monitor the behavior of the kids? Quit asking everyone else to do YOUR job. You keep placing your children in “danger”, yet all you do is complain??? Trust me, if my kid were getting bullied or having those issues, I’d be riding the bus with my child or seeking alternative means of transportation, no matter what sacrifice I had to bear. This is another reason I believe in seat belts on the bus. If your not seated and buckled in, the bus doesn’t move and then the student causing the delay is reported and punished or not allowed to ride the bus. Become a part of the solution or enjoy living with the problems; it’s YOUR choice.

    • Get Real

      Are you crazy? I’m sure she is a working parent and can’t ride the bus with her children everyday, and even if she did sit on the bus a time or two, of course the kids are going to be on their best behavior. It is the bus driver’s responsibility to make sure the kids riding the bus are conducting themselves accordingly. We can’t be with our kids 24 hours out of every day. Seatbelts? Yeah right, if the driver wasn’t stopping the kids from fighting what makes you think he would punish someone for not being in a seatbelt?! You sound foolish!!!!!!

    • Brian B.

      Some of us have to work. Wrap your brain around that. And as a parent, if you stepped in, so you think you wouldn’t have gotten a beat down too? or sued?

    • Lily Becker

      Many buses/ schools do not allow parents to ride bus.
      And what could a mother on that bus have done?
      The students would have beat her. If she’d have touched that kid she would have been arrested and probably sued.

      We pay A LOT of taxes for schools and transportation.
      It is not a parent’s job to play police because schools fail to do the jobs they are paid to do.

      • Julia Bowen

        So you cry and you whine and you want everyone and everybody to take care of your problems; well guess what, everyone doesn’t care. Those that do figure a way to move out of bad areas OR they have the guts to stand up and GET INVOLVED. Each of you are saying “the bus driver should have done this, or done that, or the school, or the government or someone else that will pay to fix the problems. I don’t just speak out of one side of my mouth. I AM involved in my community and I DO stand up to stop thugs and bullying and all. Perhaps seatbelts won’t solve the problem, but asking a bus driver who is not their to be a policeman or get hurt at the hands of a thug, isn’t the answer either. Several of you mentioned that if a parent had been on board and intervened they would have been beaten too. So, now tell me, why should the bus driver intervene? So it’s ok for them to get hurt? Oh that’s right, they get paid to get beat up or shot!! If my answers and suggestions don’t work, then GET UP OFF YOUR LAZY A– AND COME UP WITH OTHER IDEAS AND SOLUTIONS. Just blaming others doesn’t solve a thing! The big money bucket that has gone out for years to communities and individuals is drying up and WE (yes I said WE) have to get involved and come up with creative ways to get involved and MAKE those parents who don’t want to do their job, accountable. You don’t want to be responsible, don’t have children, it is a preventable condition. You have children, then BE RESPONSIBLE!!

      • Julia Bowen

        And you Jason are the shameful embodiment of an entitlement society that has helped to keep people down. All I’m saying is: make suggestions to the school, to the bus company, at PTA meetings, GET INVOLVED!! This is YOUR kids future, come up with ideas. I know parents work, I know many are a single parent family (probably yours because you obviously don’t want to get involved except complain and blame others. The problems of these communities HAS to be solved from within that community. Just giving money out hasn’t work and never will. Blaming others hasn’t worked and never will. It requires everyone making a sacrifice. Video cameras on the buses could be useful and when a student breaks the rules then too bad, they don’t ride the bus and it’s up to them to get to school or up to the parents to get them to school. BUT, the other kids and driver should not have to be bullied or ride in fear because one parent refuses to control their hoodlum kid.

    • ms myer

      What am I doing. Well first off I’m sure you might live a life where you can go sit on the bus everyday or drive them to school everyday to even mention that in the first place. I however have to work everyday to support my children. I do my job everyday. It’s the schools job to ensure a safe bus ride and the drivers job to enforce it not just ignore it and let it keep going on. And to think I’m just complaining is your opinion. What do you think seat belts would really do. You must live in a fantasy world. They wound not stop fights fron happening just as much as they don’t stop your kids from fighting in the back seat. Have a nice day

  • Dan

    Why aren’t we doing anything about the bus driver who didn’t take any action in stopping the fight. I think that would be a good store. Maybe the bus driver needs to lose their job…

  • adam

    If the driver had stepped in then some sue happy parent would sue the school district, the bus company, and the driver. Parents need to be PARENTS TO YOUR SNOT NOSED BRAT KIDS WHO THINK THEY ARE THUGG! Spank your kids, teach them right from wrong and teach them to respect others.

    • Denise

      This is EXACTLY the problem. Parents don’t teach their kids right from wrong and leave it up to the schools to teach EVERYTHING. The bus driver would have been injured and then the students would have been in more danger.

      • Julia Bowen

        Your exactly right Denise. I see all the time parents who blame others and who don’t want to get involved with what their children are doing and then I see very active, involved single mom’s raising wonderful, respectful children BECAUSE they took the time to be involved with them, at school and at home AND she works TWO jobs!! It can be done and yes, it’s tough. But these parents who want to blame others for their children’s bad behavior need to be awakened, if not by the schools, by the community! I can see this hoodlums parent suing because the driver didn’t stop his behavior.

    • Mike

      Yeah Adam, the parent of the thug that beat the kid up would have likely sued, saying the bus driver needed to mind their own business. Typical welfare recipient would do that.

  • Maria

    If the bus is having problems with fighting and bullying the district should think of putting a resource officer on the routes that have problems.

  • Parent 123

    Google these stories….

    School Bus Driver Confiscates Pocketknife From Elementary Student, Then Gets Fired for It

    Driver says he did all he could during Florida school bus beating

    Parents of children charged with bus driver assault speak out

    Police searching for parent who allegedly assaulted student at bus stop (Hazelwood MO)

    Parent Charged in Alleged Assault on Culpeper Bus Driver

    Woman Charged With Assaulting Students on School Bus

    Nashville mom disputes bus driver’s claim of assault

    Local Women Facing Charges in School Bus Assault Incident, Says Chief

    Estacado student charged with assault on 69-year-old bus driver

    MCSO: Video of alleged school bus assault ‘exonerated’ bus driver, no charges to be filed

    This list could go on, but it demonstrates that there is no easy solution to violence and bullying on the bus. Growing up, the bus was ALWAYS a place in which inappropriate behavior occurred. I had the choice to of three different bus routes during my elementary & junior high days, and every single bus route had a bully in the crowd…teasing and taunting some of the other kids. A fight never broke out on the bus, but there was always some scuttle going on at the bus stops…kids getting picked on, gym bags thrown up in the trees, one bully had another pinned on his back and taunted him by pretending to spit a “lugee” in kid’s mouth and if he told a teacher or the bus driver, he would break his nose. And this was an all-white small Iowa town! Bullies will always try to rule the bus, but the big difference was, when the bus driver DID see anything get out of hand, he would stop the bus and physically “aid” the bully to the front seat and make him sit in the front. Our bus drivers did NOT allow things to escalate…the drivers were tough when they needed to be…..but times have changed.

    In this day, however, the fear of escalation or losing their jobs, puts bus drivers between a rock and hard place…had the bus driver intervened, they could face an escalation and become a victim of the violence (especially if a male high school aged attacker is involved) or be charged with assault if they engaged in physical restraint of the trouble-makers.

    And there is NO place for a parent to be on the bus for “policing” or “protecting”….do you think a “Momma Bear plays nice when her cubs are under attack”. Protective parents would end up being the “attacker”.

    • Julia Bowen

      Your absolutely correct and my suggestions may not be the answer, but at least I’m thinking and trying to offer suggestions. I don’t even have kids so why do I care? BECAUSE THESE ARE THE KIDS THAT WILL BE THE FUTURE OF THIS COUNTRY, like it or not and we’d all BETTER care and work together to come up with solutions. It will be way too late when they grow up and WE are the elderly. God help us then!

  • James Douglas

    I taught at East for many years. The place is a snake pit. This kind of thing happens every day. This school district is a prison environment without the bars. Thug behavior is NOT the exception in this district. Individual responsibility? Forget about it. Just blame everything on bus drivers, security, teachers, administrators, police. Everyone but the trouble makers. Experience has taught me that these kids can’t/won’t be controlled. If you parents truly love and value your kid’s education and safety, if you have the wherewithall . . . . . get them out of these “schools.” Home school them. Nobody loves your children more than you do. Nobody cares for them more than you do. And this might come as a shock to many parents . . . . But, nobody is more qualified to educate you kids than your are. Especially in he elementary grades. If most parents knew what goes on in this school, they would be sick with fear at the mere thought of sending their kids to school every day. Wake up folks. This ship is sinking. The last thing I saw on my last day as I walked out of East was a huge sign hanging down from the second floor stair well that reads “Suicide Hotline” and a number to call. Nuf said.

    • Julia Bowen

      I agree with you too James. People should listen to you because you’ve seen it, been there and have a better perspective than most. About 14 years ago, I taught a program at Bishop Elementary in Wellston. The class was taught to 4th graders. I asked the children to draw themselves how they thought they would look or be in 10 years. The class consisted of approximately 38 students. Twelve of them drew themselves dead in a casket, Nine drew themselves with gold chains around their necks a big car and a gun! This was 4th graders and 14 years ago. Nothing has improved and it has gotten worse. Only 3-6 people EVER attended the PTA meetings and almost no parent showed up for parent teacher conferences. A parent can make all the excuses in the world and then when their child gets killed in a shooting, or sent to prison I hear “He was such a good child”….Very sad!

  • Tellthetruthshamethedevil

    The schools need to reform the laws and start putting out the thuggish ruggish bones and heathens out of public school. We the tax payers need to contact our politicians and let them know we are tired of paying our taxes for failing schools. If people who children had to stay home and get their education at home because they are so disruptive, then they would train them. Its easy to pack up your problem and ship it off somewhere else with the mentality that everyone else is better qualified than me to fix my problem. We need to fix up our own ship and quit running to other schools talking about, them schools bad when you haven’t taught your kids. They don’t want your kids or care anything about if they get educated are not. I have witnessed this first hand working in the school and doing practicums all over. Just because you pack up your kid and ship them off to a “better school” don’t mean nothing, they are looked at always as outsiders and transfer students. The parents of the “better schools hate to see blacks coming because they know you will do to their school what they did to their own school. I really feel a deep sorrow for some of these children they have no respect for education, they just go to school and make it hell for everyone else. They act like they at the zoo or something. They are not going to be anything but inmates without a decent education. The jobs are scares and the undereducated urban children are not even going to be on the list. They have a future of being beggars, bums and inmates. Parents if you have heathens you need to raise them, because if you don’t after the school spits them out the system they are going back home to you or to the prison system. Dispute me if you like, I don’t care, someone needs to enlighten the people.

  • James Douglas

    Just one last thought. Most parents have been programmed by the education establishment to believe that only a college degreed teacher is qualified to teach children. Trust me on this one . . . . . the newer teachers, many of the veterans, and a large number of administrators just “ain’t” that well educated or smart. Just think about it for a minute. If after twelve years of public education you are not capable of educating your own children, what does that say about our public schools? GET YOUR KIDS OUT OF THE SYSTEM A.S.A.P. Especially if they are still young. Kids who have turned into little thugs in elementary school seldom change. They just get bigger, more sly, more ignorant and more dangerous. This is fact, not just opinion. For those parents who have studied ancient Roman history, let me leave you with this thought. If you turn your precious children over to the government school system, don’t be surprised when they come home behaving like decadent Romans.

  • Eddie Scholar

    I volunteer. It’s challenging, at times, but it’s worth it. A young man I tutor, Ja’VonTaurius, he’s fourteen years old. When I first started working with him, he didn’t know the alphabet; he pulled a knife on me when I said hello the first time. Now, two years later, he can spell his name and read simple words like ‘cat’ and ‘mom’. And he hasn’t had a run-in with the law in over a month, either, all because of caring persons like me. It’s SO rewarding; it’s SO enriching. I couldn’t imagine a better way to spend five hours a day than tutoring Ja’VonTaurius.

    Just think: there are MILLIONS of Ja’Vontauriuses out there. We OWE them. Our slave-dealing ancestors kept them from learning, and we must atone for our collective sins. It’s time to pull up our bootstraps, grab a soy latte and dive in! It’s worth it!

  • Claude Davis

    Julia Bowen, sorry, but you’re a complete and utter idiot. It IS the job of the schools to keep our children safe to and from school when they ride the bus. You have no idea what you’re talking about, simple minded fool. We pay TAXES for this service, is has nothing to do with being ENTITLED. Must be another so called ‘conservative’ repub. Amazing how you jerks never seem to grasp facts at all, just blame everything on ‘entitled’ people, when you have zero idea what you’re talking about. You’re just uneducated scum.

  • Teacher

    Claude. Couple of thoughts here. Name calling, personal attacks. I smell a tax loving, let the government controll our children, progressive. Do people really believe paying taxes can guarantee school safety? You miss the point of Julias’ post. Future consequences have no meaning to these kids. They can’t see past the ends of their noses. They are fealress, with little, if any, respect for any authority. The only way a “civilain” can understand what goes on in the Hazelwood district is to work there for an extended period of time. Until that happens, an intelligent, knowledgeable discussion regarding this district isn’t likely to happen. Don’t look to the administration to get tough with these thugs. The district gets paid to keep the attendance levels high. Unfortunately, more butts in the seats equals more money to the district. The only thing I haven’t seen these kids get away with is murder. But it’s only a matter of time. I agree with James . . . . . . get your kids out of the Hazelwood schools.

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