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Hundreds line up in South County Mall for New Air Jordans

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- It was a crazy scene Thursday morning at the South County Mall.

Some 300 people lined up outside of Hibbett Sports before the mall even opened for a chance to get one of the hottest shoes of the holiday season--the Air Jordan 11 Retro 'Gamma" shoes.

The new Nike shoe isn`t even being released until Saturday. But so many people want it that stores like Hibbett`s are holding events where people get vouchers to reserve their pair.

Some like Briana Jefferson spent the night outside the mall. Brianna says she arrived at 7pm Wednesday evening.
"They`re Jordan`s. These don`t go around a lot. These go out fast," said Briana.

"It`s a limited release, it`s the Gamma 11`s, and it`s Christmas time people want them and they`re Jordan`s," added Stefanie Winkeler, an assistant manager at Hibbett`s.

When the mall doors opened at 6am, there was a mad dash for Hibbett`s.
Several county police officers were actually called to the mall early on for crowd control.

A little later, mall security arrived as did other county officers who were working secondary security jobs at the mall.

"It was a lot of confusion at first only because we didn`t know who was actually in line first. But once we got things sorted out, it was more organized and everything went pretty smooth," said Officer Ryan Gardiner with county police.

He was among those working secondary security at the mall.
Around 8:30am, authorities started letting people in one at a time.

Those who came out with vouchers were the lucky ones, they got in to reserve their shoes before Hibbett's ran out.

Daquan brown got some for his niece.
"She better be happy. I stood in line for them," said DaQuan.

Many, however, left disappointed.
Hibbett's only had 68 pairs to reserve, each person who got in could reserve one adult pair and two children`s pairs.

And it didn`t take long to sell out.
Even Briana didn`t get hers.
"I`m not going to another store, I`m not doing this again. It`s too much going on. I`m just going to suck it up. I don`t have a choice, maybe next time," she said.

The shoes start at $45 a pair for young kids and go all the way up to $185 a pair.

The lucky ones who got vouchers this morning have to pick up their shoes between 8-9am Saturday morning or they will be released to the general public.

County police say there were no arrests Thursday morning but a couple people were removed for line jumping.


Photo: Hibbett Sports

Photo: Hibbett Sports


  • Gina

    How can anyone afford $185 for a pair of shoes????? Must be nice. Wonder where all these people get their money. They are ugly shoes though.

    • Mike

      They either get their money from their drug sales or welfare checks every month. Wait a minute, some of these n’s get both of those…..OOPS!!

  • Shelia

    I watched the entire video…the only white people were the cops. I wouldn’t buy those shoes if they were at the Dollar Store…UGLY as hell. One reason why I do not shop South County mall. Just my choice…and yeah where do they get the money to buy these ugly shoes…Oh never mind…I figured it out. LOL

  • D

    GUYS ARE TOTALLY A** HOLES thats why we cant prosper as a nation stereotypes are what bring us down. Sorry our parents didn’t leave us mounds of money from generation; “oh I forgot we were to busy being oppressed, beat, and not treated as equals to get good jobs”

  • D

    why dont they publish how many people sit outside in the cold for “HARRY POTTER” STAR WARS ” LORD OF THE RINGS” IPODS/ IPADS all that, wonder were they get their money. LOL

  • Rise above hate

    I agree with D, most of these comments are racist and sad. These negative comments were made by narrow minded and likely uneducated people themselves. Three hundred people are not representative of the entire black population. Stereotypes ARE RACIST, they ARE NOT based off of reality, they are based off of ignorance. D you seem pretty smart, don’t let them bring you down to their level, continue to Rise Above Hate.

  • Le'Quarvious

    Wha choo noe bowt dah huzzle mang? Choo dun noe sheeit bowt dah gayme. Dem shuuze beez suppa fly n sheeit. Krakkuzz juss haytin ah sukksess fuul n ehjamukaytit blakk mang. Dass reel tawk muh fuggin hoez beez jelluss. Dah spininin reeimz auwn muh whipp beez blyndin dah haytuzz mang. Cybill rytez fo lyffe

  • Shelia

    I hold my purse tight always…I don’t dare go to South County Mall at night. You’d be robbed and get your throat cut. It’s very dark in South County lately and I’m not talking about the night. I was told that “they” stay just behind the South County line and would NEVER venture out to Jefferson County area. LOL Air Jordans are more important than paying your bills or providing heat for the combined families that live like roaches in a one bedroom apartment.

    • D

      The way you think is unbelievable lol. “they” south county is “dark”, you are a sad individual and God Bless the way you think and have mercy on you and your family.

  • drums77

    the funny thing is there remakes and in 1996 they didnt even make that color ….there retroes lol these kids dont even know the history on the shoes they just all gotta have them and by the way whoever says there a n…er shoe is just dumb they were designed by tinker hatfeild and hes white lol…….if they were original 1996 air jordans then maybe i can understand the hype because that would be a rare shoe to have if u got that lucky ….but there remakes hahahaha …..dumb kids

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