Man burglarizes homes while victims sleep

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FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS, IL (KTVI)-- A GPS application on an I-Phone 5 led Fairview Heights Police to a burglary suspect Thursday morning.  Officers discovered 116 stolen items from five or more burglaries along with the cell phone inside an apartment at the Roosevelt Homes in Washington Park.

Fairview Hts. Detective James Mason said officers were able to track the phone using the owner`s user name and password.  Five stolen flat screen TVs, Playstation equipment, cameras, audio speakers, DVDs, unopened toys and a child`s bicycle were recovered.

The Thursday morning victim told police someone stole his phone, wallet and  computer from his bedside table as he slept in his home at the Winchester Apartments in Fairview Heights..  'It`s very bold of this particular individual to enter someone`s residence while they are sleeping,' Mason said.  Some burglary victims left doors unlocked.  In other instances the burglar forced open a door or window.

Mason said some of the crimes occurred in Swansea and Collinsville.

Police will seek charges against the man they have in custody on Friday.
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    • Andrew

      Of course not. The Tea Party has completely faded and now is just an impotent joke. They don’t have enough power for something like this.

  • tess

    My house was broke into along with an iphone and the gps went off and we located the phone and the St. Louis Police police have not done a thing, I call the Detective on the case and leave messages and he doesn’t call back. Good thing the Illinois Police Dept does a good job.

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