Man arrested for threatening to shoot people in South County park

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A man was taken into custody Thursday afternoon for threatening to shoot people in Suson Park, in South County.

Police say no shots were fired.

He was arrested without incident.


  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Maybe somebody should have just shot HIM. After all, that’s what conceal carry is for, right? If he displayed a gun at all (not mentioned in the story) he SHOULD have been shot. Period. Another thing left off this story: How long has he been a member of the NRA?


      ByeBye-Good point, surly SOMEONE was packen in the park, not enough info in the story, but, if someone was in the park, with a gun threatening to kill people, then yes, other people had a LEAGAL right to shoot him in order to defend themselves and their family. They had a legal right even if they weren’t a member of the NRA.


      ByeBye, Most of the gun toten punks are NOT members of the NRA-membership would require money for membership dues. Not much money for dues, but responsibility to make sure your dues are sent in and paid, plus, the NRA represents ALL people, not just one race, to uphold ALL Americans constitutional right to legally own a firearm, whether a person wants to exercise that right is up to each individual, at least you have the right to make your own choice.

  • jim

    For all the comments on here on what should/shouldn’t have happened to him we will never know from fox 2 because of a lack of information. And fox 2 calls themselves a ‘news station’. After a couple of days no addn’l info or follow up. Great job of reporting.

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