National Candy Cane Day

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ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – The candy cane is a taste of Christmas season. It dates back to the 1800s in America when it started as a sweet treat given to children attending Christmas services.

The day after Christmas is National Candy Cane Day.

Carol Hurst from Old Town Spice Shoppe in St. Charles showed Angie Mock how to make a candy cane filled recipe.

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-From The Olde Town Spice Shoppe

Did you know over 2 billion candy canes are made each year?? This delicious treat is a great snack, fun to take to a party, and easy for the kids to help with.

2 boxes Devils Food cake mix
2/3 cup vegetable oil
4 eggs

1 stick of butter, room temperature
1-8 oz pkg cream cheese
1 tsp Peppermint Flavoring
4 cups powdered sugar

Crushed candy canes (10 large), in a bowl or on a plate

Combine the cookie ingredients. It will be very stiff, like playdough.  Pinch off pieces of dough and roll in to 1” balls. Place balls on parchment lined cookie sheet and flatten slightly. Bake in 350 degree, preheated oven for 8-10 minutes. Cookies will be “crackled” on the top. Remove immediately with spatula to a wire cooling rack. Cool cookies.

Combine filling ingredients. Filling will be very thick. Place a large dollop of filling on the backside of a cookie and place another cookie on top, making a sandwich.  The filling should ooze out the sides a little. Roll the cookie sides in the crushed candy canes- the crushed candy should stick to the sides.
Serve. Refrigerate remaining cookies.

Makes approximately 2 dozen cookie sandwiches.

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