Questions about the future of the Berkeley Police Department

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BERKELEY, MO (KTVI)-- Several concerned Berkeley residents called Fox 2 wondering if their police services in their city would be contracted out to the St. Louis County Police Department.

The city currently employs 43 commissioned police officers.

The city has a $1.3 million budget deficit.

Fox 2's Anthony Kiekow spoke with the city manager about the police department.

"Some information was received from the county," Nathan Mia-Lombardo said. "There is no plan, no proposal, no contract."

Mia-Lombardo also said "every department is being examined."

He believes the city can find away to close the budget deficit without getting rid of the police department.

"We are very close," he said. "We are doing everything we can to avoid layoffs."

The city is facing budget problems now, but it recently spent $11.5 million for a new fire station and city hall.

The buildings were opened in 2012.


  • Joe

    The city of Manchester has more population but 25% fewer police officers. Berkeley’s crime rate is 5 times higher than Manchester’s. Perhaps those extra police officers should focus on crime in their city instead of clocking drivers on I-70.

  • Beth

    Joe, those officers that are on the highways writing tickets in Berkeley are traffic officers assigned to that task. That is a travel safe zone due to a large amount of accidents with serious injuries. They are attempting to make those highways safer and according to the the statistics, they have made an impact. Joe, I’m guessing you got a ticket for breaking the law so just make sure you observe the traffic laws the next time you pass through there. Please help us make it safer.

    • Joe

      Those officers are still being paid by Berkeley, but if the county takes over law enforcement, they won’t be sitting on the highway raising money for the city coffers. And, no, you can’t assume I’m a scofflaw any more than I can assume you are married to one of the officers. If the highway is unsafe, let the highway patrol take care of it.

  • gina giardina

    I wish st. Louis co. Would take over the berkeley police dept then maybe my sister/best friends murder would get solved. I spoke with someone from berkeley about my sisters case and he didn’t want to hear none of it! I feel as if berkeley pushed the case aside! Anyone who could help me with this murder, please contact me!

  • chejkal

    doesn’t one wonder that a city with a budget deficit spent such a LOT of money on the new city hall, fire station… especially when better run and funded neighboring cities did NOT build building effigies?

  • gregory oglesby

    Joe, you mention have the Highway patrol enforce traffic safety on the Highway in Berkeley. For St. Louis County the highway patrol might have two to four troopers patrolling the whole county. They have other duties to accomplish within the county. Berkeley P.D. traffic unit soul job is to enforce traffic laws and respond to all accidents within the city.

    Now you mentioned Manchester P.D. has 25% fewer officers than Berkeley and has lower crime rate. MMM… less evaluate this for a moment Joe, Berkeley Police Department has 43 police officers and you stated that Manchester has 25% less officers than Berkeley. That equation comes to approximately 34 police officers for Manchester. Joe ques what Manchester has 39 police officers and 25 % of 39 is approximately 31 officers.

    Also you complain about Berkeley on the highways why not complain of Manchester doing traffic enforcement on Highway 141.
    yes the crime rate is higher than Manchester. Maybe you should do more research on a subject before putting your foot in your mouth.

  • mike Jones

    Ok i don’t understand Joe’s point. Don’t all municipalities with a highway going through them do clocking on those highways?

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