Mom pleads for caution after son struck while bike riding

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MANCHESTER, MO (KTVI)-A nine year old boy remains hospitalized after being hit by a car while riding his bicycle in Manchester.  His injuries are not life threatening, but his mother says there is no question they are life altering.

It was about 4:00 in the afternoon Friday when Stefanie Evans says her son Meryck was riding his bike near their apartment at the end of Overlook Circle Drive. That’s not far from Daugherty Ferry and Big Bend.  It was there he collided with a car.

Police are not pressing any charges, apparently believing the incident was nothing more than a terrible accident.  But Meryck had to be rushed to Mercy Hospital where doctors performed surgery.  Flexible rods had to be placed in his broken arm, and a plate installed on his broken upper leg.

While Stefanie Evans is questioning why no charges were pressed, she sees the biggest issue as the need for drivers to be more careful with so many kids out of school for the holidays.

“It’s the holidays.  It’s the breaks.  And we need to realize there are children out there, especially on these warmer days.  Kids are gonna be out. Be aware.  Be aware of your surroundings.  Don’t be on your cell phones. Don’t look down at your texts.  Don’t look at radios.  Watch out for the kids.”

She has a plea for young bike riders as well.

“Kids, wear the helmets.  Because he cracked his helmet with the impact of hitting the car or her hitting him with the car.”

Police made no mention of any kind of distraction on the part of the driver.

Meryck Evans remains in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Mercy Hospital.


  • D. Smith

    It was stated that the boy hit the vehicle, not the other way around. I was parked once, and a child drove his bike, head-on, into my car. You can’t do anything about that. Kids (and parents) also need to take responsibility. Perhaps a less busy intersection and not rush-hour is the time to ride bikes.

    • Charles Juedemann

      You are correct. While I have sympathy for the boy, there is nothing a driver can do when a child hits his or her vehicle. The boy should not have been riding a bicycle near the streets that time of day.

  • S. Brown

    Parents take responsibility for your kids. If you listen to the mother’s interview on Channel 2 news mom states “him hitting her car” then tries to change the story “her hitting him”. The written article above also states “It was there he collided with a car” She wants charges pressed, really?

    • D. Smith

      Yes, S, Brown, I agree entirely! Like you, I caught that too – the reporter stated the child hit the car, and the mother even said he hit it, and then she changed it. What about the poor driver? Maybe the driver should sue her for not watching her child, thus causing a traumatic experience for the driver. Like you said, parents should take responsibility for their kids! I’m glad there are people who understand that this is the most important thing that a parent can do to prevent these things from happening. A 9-year-old should not have been out of his mother’s sight, particularly during rush-hour on a Friday afternoon at a busy intersection.

      • ash

        Just letting you all know that this mother that you are hating on is an amazing mother. Like 5 stars and her children all know it as well as everyone around her. Are you all just bored?

  • McDonnell Dino

    I hate to read stories where a child was injured because he or she was riding a bike in the street but I also hate to read a parent looking to blame someone other than their child for riding the bike in a street that was designed for cars. I can’t tell you how many times my parents told me not to ride my bike in the streets. While watching this video I could tell even though the woman was trying to contain it, the inner rage that was just under the surface of her conservation. If I was the driver of the car that was in this accident, I would have already talked to my lawyer and preparing some court action to protect myself from this young man who failed to yield to oncoming traffic.

  • Curt Williams of Miami, Florida

    I find it hard to believe that a 9 year old boy can ride a bike fast enough to break a leg and arm in a collision. The breaking of limbs requires a lot of force.

    A bicyclist has the same rights as a motor vehicle in all fifty states. The intersection where the accident occurred is a residential area with stop signs and therefore could not be classified as a busy intersection.

    The parent obviously took responsibility for making sure the child was wearing a safety helmet. Missouri statutes state a bicycle must be operated on the streets. Bicycles are not allowed on sidewalks. Underage riders must wear safety helmets.

    Finally, I find it appalling that an adult would fail to take responsibility for their reckless operation of a vehicle. It is mine and many adult opinions that children must be safe guarded and protected by all of us. To me, this means while operating a motor vehicle in a residential area, near a playground with children present, the vehicle must slow down and be cautious.

    Again, I find it hard to believe a bicycle operated by a 9 year old could reach a speed that would cause these injuries. This is why police classify vehicles as deadly weapons.

  • Jonathan Doe

    Even if the kid did hit the car, people are still driving like idiots. This is one thing law enforcement simply are not doing their job and that is slowing people down and making them obey traffic laws. Before you respond to what I post, think about your driving. Most people just don’t care because they think that driving is their right. They would be wrong in thinking that because driving is a privilege not a right.

    Now that I am off my soap box to the person who posted it would not be possible to break an arm, hate to tell you but I have seen others bust their arms pretty bad and cause all kinds of other damage. Seen a kid land on his frame and break the arm at an angle that just was not right.

  • EmyK

    If the kid hadn’t been riding his bike in the road, he wouldn’t have gotten hit by a car. It’s not my job or anyone elses to make sure that your kids are safe. It’s your job. If you don’t want the job, don’t have kids. Otherwise, supervise them. If you don’t supervise them and they get killed because of it, that’s your fault.

  • Medic Lifeline

    Could it be both parties carry the blame, the child not paying attention yielding to a stop sign ? A driver for what ever reason. parents take responsibility like a driver has too. Just cause your a child, does NOT give you the right of way. Great mother or not, it happened. If the kid was in sight this may not have happened , as she said she ran to the intersection. Great he had a helmet, now sadly he’ll learn to make sure to pay attention to detail later in life when driving and riding his bike. All cannot be placed on the driver as above soapbox feels. Yes some blame, but I’v picked up many reckless bike riders and even driving had my share of people riding bikes who are not as courteous as they should be.

  • rob

    I live on a street that has too much traffic for my kids to safely ride their bikes. Whenever they want to ride, I take them to a safe place. Sure, it’s a pain in the butt- but their lives are worth it.

  • Nik

    Wow, a lot of blame casting here. I think the mom was probably just upset. If it took place as it was reported, the boy needed to be more careful. The driver could not have prevented this if the child did indeed hit the car. I feel sorry for all involved. It was painful and traumatic, but as far as charges pressed–get real. I agree with the person who suggested that children not ride bikes at high traffic times. He was too young to be doing that. We all make mistakes and get careless. I am just glad that he was wearing a helmet and was not killed.

  • jay

    Sorry that a child got hurt and glad he was wearing a helmet. However, having seen how cyclists on the road act not to mention drivers I place the blame on both parties. Cyclists frequently disobey traffic laws even running through stop lights and signs that they shouldn’t. I’ve even gotten dirty looks from some for daring to drive by or around them as if they own the danged road. Drivers, on the other hand drive like idiots and some are to busy looking at anything but the road. Everyone needs to pay attention when operating any type of vehicle and to obey all traffic laws. End of story.

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