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‘Duck Dynasty’ to resume filming with Phil Robertson

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(CNN) — Little more than a week after it suspended “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson for incendiary remarks about homosexuality, the cable channel A&E said Friday that it would include him in future tapings of the reality television show, effectively lifting the suspension amid a flurry of petitions in support of Robertson.

“After discussions with the Robertson family, as well as consulting with numerous advocacy groups, A&E has decided to resume filming Duck Dynasty later this spring with the entire Robertson family,” the channel said in a statement.

In an apparent gesture to the advocacy groups, A&E said that it would “also use this moment” to broadcast public service announcements “promoting unity, tolerance and acceptance among all people.”

The announcement came nine days after A&E originally suspended Robertson. At the time the channel said it was taking an appropriate and necessary action in response to Robertson’s remarks to a GQ magazine interviewer.

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  • justin

    Wow “byebyetotherite” “drum up ratings”? The show had excellent ratings before this so called “issue” came about. The Robertson’s did show an extrordinary amount of “family values”. They stuck to their values of family comes first! They told A&E “its all of us, or none of us”! They supported the fact, that we americans have the freedom of speach! Which you obviously enjoy from you narssasitic uneducated response above! You are one of the sad individuals who are running this country into the dirt. 95% of americans tune in pr record the series on a weekly basis. The Robertsons made a wise choice to step away from A&E, another station wouldve ben glad to take on duck dynasty in a heartbeat! A&E were the ones in a great panic, because unlike you, they realised they made a big mistake and opend their mouth too quick before assesing the issue at hand. I hope you have gteat holidays, and hope you learn how to atleast think before you post something for millions of people to see

  • EmyK

    Ugh, I was really hoping this show would go away. It gives people in other areas of the country a negative view of the people who live in rural areas. Not everyone is a right-wing nutjob who wears camo and grows a natty looking beard.

    • Cameron Lawrence

      I just wanna say that for anyone to think that all people who live in the country act like the Robertson’s has clearly never stayed one night out there.

      • EmyK

        Most people from cities haven’t been to any rural area, except to possibly drive through. It reinforces negative stereotypes about those people. I have relatives in Louisianna who hate this show for that very reason.

      • EmyK

        It doesn’t. That’s not why they are right-wing nutjobs, it’s just one part of what they are, along with the right-wing nutjob status.

  • JonnyQuest

    It’s a WIN for Freedom Of Speech and Christians who stand up for what they believe in. Congrats A & E for admitting you made a mistake. Those that are offended by this outcome, turn the channel. It’s your right not to watch the show!

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