Excessive speed, traces of alcohol cited in triple fatal accident

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WILDWOOD, MO (KTVI)– A teenage driver who died in a crash in Wildwood this summer was speeding and had a small amount of alcohol in his system.

That is according to a crash report released to our partners at the St. Louis Post Dispatch.

The driver 18-year-old Christopher Lenzen and passengers Lauren and Kathleen Oliver were killed in August.

The accident report concluded that the driver was traveling at excessive speed and lost control on a curve.

The front seat passenger survived the crash.

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  • John

    Channel 5 ksdk reports his blood alochol level was .014!!! LIKE REALLY?!?!?! THAT IS A SIP OF BEER!!! REDICULOUS THAT THERE EVEN MAKING THAT AS A CRITICAL FACTOR.

    • Buddy

      The legal age of consumption is 21 John.. not 18. It doesn’t matter if it was a sip or a whole case of beer. He was underage, and sadly three young lives are lost. That’s the tragedy here.

  • americanzombie

    anyone saying they didnt do stupiid things when they were young are just lying through their teeth…#william hall

  • Buddy

    @stop DUI– this is hardly a case of drinking and driving. He DID have alcohol in his blood, but it wasn’t even enough to impare a child, let alone an 18 year old young man. It’s more of a case of bad behaviour, or reckless endangerment. It’s just sad. Kids aren’t being held responsible or accountable for anything anymore. They have a sense of entitlement that baffles me, and the violent video games the parents allow them to constantly play, positively has an effect on the way they act, think, and behave.

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