Pike County couple dies from carbon monoxide poisoning

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PIKE COUNTY, MO (KTVIV) - A Pike County couple was found dead Friday morning, poisoned with carbon monoxide. Authorities say the husband and wife were trying to heat their camper with a portable propane heater that was not designed to be used indoors.

The victims were 49 year-old Howard Stout and his 48 year-old wife Theresa. Korte says they were discovered by Theresa’s brother around 10 Friday morning.  The couple lived in a camper on a property with their extended family, on Pike 15, just northwest of Bowling Green.

In the state of Missouri, nearly 500 people died from carbon monoxide poisoning from 2001 to 2011.  According to Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte, the gas is so dangerous because it’s colorless and odorless, difficult to detect.

Since winter is just beginning, Korte wants the public to take precaution when heating their homes, and make sure to read all the warnings. “Any number of things can go wrong if you’re not using a normally approved heating device. It could prove very dangerous,” he says.

The coroner did not request an autopsy since there was enough evidence to prove the couple died of asphyxiation, with no sign of foul play. The investigation is now closed.


  • matt

    Thomas , KSDK and FOX news both reported this as carbon Monoxide poisoning not the so called hillbilly Sheriff so maybe you should get your shit straight .

  • Jason

    The Sheriff does say they are “surmising that either CO2 or the level of gas”…so Thomas is right. Sad anyhow, but Matt…sorry, get your shit straight.

  • Melissa Roberson

    A family lost two family members and we lost a co-worker. Yet your quick to judge one thing the “hillbilly sheriff” mis-used?! I am so certain that you have NEVER ONCE mis-used words before????? Just because we choose tolive in the country and great county of pike doesn’t make us hillbillies. That makes you a city hypocrite right? I am very sure that most of us could really careless of your “pet pev’s”! The point got across. The man that died was a hard worker. He rode his bike back and fourth from work every day no matter what the temperature was. He lived 25-30 miles away. He came to work, did his job and went back home. We take for granted the simple things we have electric, heat, or even water. They were surviving on what little they had and it is unfortunate two people lost lives trying to survive. I saw him a couple weeks back walking home in the cold misting rain. I was in a hurry trying to get to the pharmacy. I realized a mile up the road it was Howard and turned back around and went back after him. He tried to offer me his last $3.00 for giving him a ride. I dropped him off told him to keep his money. Go home get out of the weather rest and get well. He thanked me over and over. We hillbillies look out for another. We don’t judge. We know we are fighting our own battles. Remember do un to others!! RIP Howard and Mrs. Stout!

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