Shooting at same location 2 days in a row

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - St. Louis Metropolitan Police rushed to a downtown intersection after shots rang out at the same scene for the second night in a row.
It is not yet clear if the two crimes are related.

Police got the call for help just after 1:45 a.m. Friday.  The victims said someone shot at their car on Washington Avenue near 20th Street.  But, the victims were able to drive about a half mile to Central Patrol Division for help.  That police station is on Jefferson Avenue and Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.  Detectives were in the parking lot, combing the victims’ Pontiac for evidence.

Police said there were no injuries and no suspects.

About 24 hours before, four men reported someone fired on their car at the exact same location.  The 23-year-old driver went to the hospital with a gunshot wound to his back.  One of his passengers was grazed on his buttock.  The other two passengers were not injured.

Police said the victims did not see their shooter, but saw a newer model silver Pontiac Grand Prix drive away.

The Downtown area was not the only one to see gun violence overnight.  St. Louis Police say a 20-year-old man went to the hospital after being shot in the arm in Fairgrounds Park in north St. Louis.  That was just before 3:00a.m. Friday.  No suspects have been found in that shooting.

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  • Dan

    STLPD needs to do something about this soon, before the already stagnant WashAve district starts falling apart. A friend of mine was shot at in the same block earlier this summer. When they called the PD, they said that if nobody was actually hit, they wouldn’t send an officer.

  • Buddy

    I think the mayor needs to enforce a curfew until this behaviour slows down. The police need to DOUBLE patrols, and a curfew would help.. If you’re out at 3AM,, you’re getting stopped and searched. End of story.
    You have a legit excuse to be out at 3AM?? Going to work? Coming from work? just explain that to the cops, and show them a check stub and I’m sure they’ll let you go on your way.

  • Tom

    This is why I avoid going to st. louis. I’ll stick to the burbs…st. louis and all its’ ghettos will continue to deteriorate due to the lack of decent people in the city. Nothing but a bunch of scum…

    • Buddy

      blanket statements like yours Tom, are part of the problem. There are several good, honest, and hard working people in the city. They are sadly out numbered by the bad, dishonest, non working people. I don’t go to the city either, but I do know there are good people living and working there daily.
      Brash blanket statements like yours only rile folks up and make you look foolish.

      • Tom

        Make me look foolish??? I don’t think so….the city is full of scumbags….how else do u explain all the crime in the city of st. louis?

      • Sunlite

        Thank you Buddy. I also live and work in the city, have never been arrested, go to work everyday, pay my taxes and support myself…guess I’m part of the scumbag crew…

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