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Controversy brewing over a plus size Barbie

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(STLMoms) – There’s controversy brewing over a request to remake Barbie with more realistic curves.

Plus Size suggests Mattel create a plus size Barbie.  The website conducted a poll on its Facebook page last week asking if toy companies should make a curvy doll.
Some say more realistic curves would be a better role model for girls. Others believe that instead of a plus size Barbie, there should be a normal sized doll that exemplifies healthy eating habits.


  • David

    It is unbelievable that anyone would think this is a good idea. I am equally opposed to the unrealistically proportioned Barbie we all grew up with. Realistic attainable size/proportions should be the target. Not unattainable slinky proportions or unhealthy triple chin proportions. Both send the wrong message to young people.

  • Jaime

    So when’s the 16 and pregnant Barbie coming out? I wanna make sure my daughter definatley has these new upcoming great role models at her disposal;)

  • SW

    What not try something new, TEACH your children
    that Barbie is a TOY, just like any other toy. I grew
    up with Barbie and I never wanted to look like her.
    Why not let kids be kids and parents be parents.
    Parents need to be role models!

  • taneisha

    Why does everyone automatically associate poor eating habits with obesity? There are some medical reasons for obesity an example some people that have severe enough asthma are put on steroids and we all know what steroids can do to the body!! Lets not be so judgmental about this doll. After all you are the roll model for your child not a piece of plastic…what are we teaching our children fat=unhealthy? Sad sad sad

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