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Dave Murray’s latest stl forecast and weather disco…For The Weekend…January 4-5, 2014

*** All about a winter storm this weekend…besides snow…high winds…blowing and drifting snow and bitter cold temperaturesand dangerous wind chills…the coldest weather since 1999. We are okay Saturday during the day…this is a Saturday night and Sunday event**.


Some sun…but more and more clouds will take control…windy and warmer…but the winds will make it cold to be out and about
Winds: South 15-25 m.p.h.
High: 39 degrees

Saturday night:

Snow developing especially after 9 or 10 at night..snow late night..heavy at times…windy and cold
Winds: North 15-25 m.p.h.
Low: 15 degrees.


Snow…especially the morning and early afternoon…windy and bitter cold…expect blowing and drifting snow…tough to be out
Winds: North 15-35 m.p.h.
High: 15 degrees….dropping temps all afternoon…tough wind chills…well below zero

Sunday night…windy with minus 5 degrees.
Monday…the high Zero and the low -8 degrees
Tuesday…the high 15 degrees

More snow rolling in for Wednesday and Wednesday night


The last time at zero: January 21, 2011
The last time below zero: -5 January 5, 1999

Okay during the day Saturday…breeezy to windy so even though we jump well into the 30’s…it will feel colder to be out and about. The next storm…which is this weird mix of arctic air coming in from the north and a clipper like system that will morph into more of a southern like storm system…this is the type of blend that we need in the STL area to get the impressive snows, wind and cold…a pure winter pattern. The rough time 10pm Saturday night until noon on Sunday…but the impact of this storm will be in play Sunday afternoon with strong winds and blowing and drifting snow and bitter cold temperatures. Sunday night–windy and intense cold…Monday is super tough to be outside..the high near zero…the high…then minus 8 for the low Monday night into Tuesday morning. It stays cold with lighter winds on Tuesday. Wednesday here comes the next system…warmer temps but still well below average…upper 20’s…so the next system will be bringing in more snow…certainly a watcher…but storm at a time…stay warm and be safe

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