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I-70 series envisioned for 2016

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Kansas City and St. Louis are primed to put their bids on the table for the 2016 Republican and Democratic presidential nominating conventions.  Supporters are going so far as to 'dream' of an I-70 political convention series attracting delegates from both political parties to the Show-Me state.

Missouri`s senior senator Roy Blunt is working to bring the Republican convention to Kansas City.  He`d be delighted if the Democrats settled on St. Louis for their event.
However he admits, "I don`t know whether there is any advantage to the political parties to have the conventions in the state."  Blunt, who has attended many presidential conventions, sees the real benefit as showing off your state.  "We have lots of unique things in both Kansas City and St. Louis."

The GOP is looking for proposals from cities by the end of February.  However, the Democrats have yet to release them.

The one snag in the concept is that St. Louis`s 2016 convention business is strong.
"It will be the biggest convention year we`ve had in as long as anyone around here will be able to remember," said Kitty Ratcliffe, director of the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission.  That means many dates for the late summer have already been spoken for.   The ideal time would be as close to Labor Day as possible explained Ratcliffe.

The last time St. Louis hosted the Democratic National Convention was 1916 when Woodrow Wilson was nominated for his second term as president.
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