Light bulbs increasingly hard to come by

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BRENTWOOD, MO (KTVI)-- With a glimmer of hope, Mike Campise came looking for a familiar gleam this afternoon.

"These here seem to me, I like the glow better," says Mike Campise.

At the Westlake Ace hardware in Brentwood, 60 watt light bulbs are flying off store shelves.

"Two big shelves full of our 60 watts here and we had a customer come in and buy about 50 packages in two minutes," says Don Baum, the Westlake Ace Hardware GM.

Incandescent are obsolete according to the 2007 energy independence and security act.

One hundred watts were phased out in 2013, 75 watts said sayonara last year.

In 2014 no more 60 and 40 watts will be manufactured.

"There's still some in our where house to pull from," says Baum.  "But once those are gone, they're gone."

At Brody's lighting off big bend, they've replaced 80% of their 1500 lights with new energy efficient cfl, halogen and led bulbs.

Besides lasting longer, the bulbs are energy efficient.

But for some, there's a familiarity that's missing from the future of lighting.

"I like these better," says Campise.  "The other light doesn't seem like it's as bright. I prefer this kind even though it probably uses more energy."

The band Crowded House said color is its own reward.

And if the blue or white light from the new ways of illumination are a little annoying, there's still the alternative.

"There's always candlelight," says Patrick Clark.

"Of course," laughs Baum.

With the new bulbs means a new way to shop for them. Instead of a 60 watt bulb, you'll look for an 800 lumen light bulb.

We have a link on our website with a chart to compare watts to lumens.


  • Katie

    “There’s still some in our where house to pull from,” says Baum. “But once those are gone, they’re gone.”

    You mean WAREHOUSE?? Lol Oh Fox 2… your editors’ grammar and spelling knowledge is as hilarious as it is depressing.

  • t

    Yes Thank you Liberals. Old Light bulbs were made here in America now all the new Bulbs are made where you guessed it China. We bail out Obamas buddies at GE and they send all the jobs over to China. Liberals and Conservatives are both selling us down the river wake up sheep

    • FBHO

      As much as I would to jump on the Liberal bashing bandwagon with you, It was a Democrat brainchild, but Bush gladly signed it.

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