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Meet the Arndt Family from Millstadt : 13 sons and one daughter

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MILLSTADT ILLINOIS KTVI -Meet The Arndt Family From Millstadt Illinois.

Rick and Cathy Arndt of Millstadt Illinois have 14 children. 13 boys and one girl who range in age from 10 to 33. Two parents, all single births, none adopted.

Facts About the Arndt family below. Our news crew had a chance to meet the family.


On average, there is an Arndt birthday once every 22.8 days.

The only two months that do not contain an Arndt birthday are June and October.

Mary-Elizabeth was the first Arndt to ever want to have a tea party.

Luke and Peter are the only two left-handers in the family.

The longest gap between births was Peter-John (July 26th, 2000) and David-Paul (January 21st, 2003).

The shortest gap between births was John (April 2nd, 1982) and Mark (July 29th, 1983).

Precisely one-fourth of the Arndts' names begin with a "J."  John, Jude, James, Jacob.

By rough estimates, the Arndt family's total weight is around 2,065 pounds.  (I guess Mary-Elizabeth can quite literally say she has a ton of brothers!)

If the Arndt family were to lay down in a straight line head-to-toe, they would span over 80 feet.  If they were to stand upon each other's shoulders, they would be nearly three-fourths as tall as the Statue of Liberty.

Among them, the Arndts have approximately 380 teeth.  Their dentist loves them.

Every Arndt has blue eyes.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a Matthew, Mark, Luke and John in the Arndt family. There is, however, Paul Matthew, Mark David, Luke Joseph, and John Andrew.  (Rumor has it that they plan to name the next baby "Acts.")

Mom and David are the only Arndts to share a birthday (January 21st).

The Arndts have heard the Arndt/Aren't pun 1,584 times.

For more Information log on to the family's website

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