Daisy Coleman hospitalized after suicide attempt

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(KTVI) – The Maryville, Mo. teen at the center of a rape investigation is no reportedly hospitalized in Kansas City after a suicide attempt.

Daisy Coleman made national headlines after she claimed to have been raped by two high school students when she was 14 years old.  Her family accused prosecutors of dismissing her claims.

Daisy’s mother, Melinda, told FOX 4 in Kansas City, her daughter tried to take her own life on Sunday.

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  • Rick Grayson

    The news media had almost lost interest in paying the Coleman’s for interviews. This latest “suicide attempt” should get the cashing in process back on track. I am sure it is just coincidence that this “suicide attempt” came just after Daisy attended yet ANOTHER party. I know this is old fashioned logic but I would think that, if what Daisy said about the last party she attended was true, that she would be disinclined to go to another party thrown by the same crowd. But, what do I know?

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