Former police officer charged for harassing residents who displayed gay pride flag

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A former St. Louis city police officer was charged today with a felony for harassing two city residents who display a gay pride flag on their porch.

Jeffrey Leveque, 45, of North St. Louis County is accused of verbally threatening the two on December 11th because of their sexual orientation.

Members of the LGBT community and neighbors from Tower Grove East rallied around the couple the next weekend.

According to city police, Leveque posted a photo of the couple’s home on the “Rant and Rave” site of Craigslist.

It was later removed.

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    • Tpk

      He can’t be a power hungry cop if he’s not a cop. As the article states, he is a FORMER cop. Many many many years ago. Being a cop has nothing to do with his opinions, as twisted as they seem to be.

  • kraftig

    Never is harassing right, but some people have hidden pain. I’m 68yrs old and mine is still there from when I was 9yrs old.

  • Coley

    Calling someone a loser or a jerk is just as bad as harrassing someone. Name calling is never the right thing. He did something bad. Something wrong. Fault him for his faults, don’t degrade him.

    • ByeByeToTheRite

      No it’s not. That’s just more propaganda created to trivialize behavior like his – sure, “it’s no worse than name calling”. Sorry, not the same thing, and this jerk deserves to be called any name we wish to call him. Calling him a name is not against the law, harrassing people, threatening them with physical harm, and intimidating people based on bias IS a felony. Not the same thing. So, sorry your excuse for this guy won’t fly. What he did makes him a jerk, and we can all call him that if we wish. Freedom of speech, remember?

  • Dave Garrison

    I wouldn’t think to criticize his age, hair, clothing or weight. Why would he think to judge a persons orientation? Hate to get all Salt n Pepa on his butt but there’s only one true judge and that’s GOD so chill and let my father do his job.

  • ByeByeToTheRite

    Just another example of St. Louis’ Finest! I don’t care if he was a cop 20 years ago, it’s an example of the kind of people who like to become police and the kind of people most cities will hire as police: People with big, fat, swollen heads and an aggressive, arrogant attitude that they are above all others – it’s pretty much a requirement for the job, isn’t it? We’ve certainly seen plenty of evidence of it based on videos over the last few years. My apologies to the few decent, GOOD men and women who become police officers for the RIGHT reasons, but they should know already they are few and far between. Well, this “former” cop will have fun, I’m sure, defending a FELONY charge, but let’s face it, folks – he’ll probably get less time or punishment than half the trivial drug offenders, speeders and loud partiers he likely roughed up and arrested in his life.

    • minx

      You seem to not have too many nice things to say about the police but I bet you would be in a hurry to call one if your home or family were in danger…what if that trivial drug dealer lived right next door or that speeder hit a child on your street ? Not ALL police are arrogant, or aggressive but I bet You couldn’t deal with what they do Everyday an still be perfect…. which by the way NOBODY is…even the police..

    • Phillip Raney

      Yes, because nothing says ” in your face” like a rainbow flag on your own porch, and having to endure some bully harassing you for it. See things have changed, a shift you might say. The people using terms like in your face don’t realize their life in socity as they view it are over. They are the minority, and there will be less and less of them in the future.

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