Normandy School District bankrupt April 1 without aid from state

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI)-- The Normandy School District is broke, and come April 1st, will be unable to pay its bills.

Costs for hundreds of students who transferred out of the unaccredited district busted its budget in order to pay tuition and busing costs.

Normandy needs $5 million in emergency state aid in order to avoid bankruptcy.


  • Look Harder

    Nicest Building & top of the line facilities, overpaid teachers and administration.
    Call Sherlock Holmes

    • suck it

      agreed!!! plus, it isn’t even state accredited. so the education the kids are getting, isn’t really an education.

  • John T.

    Too bad the parents didn’t step up and get their kids motivated and learn! They lost their accreditation which results in losing funds! Lazy kids and parents equals bad school and loss of funds!

  • Gehrilocks

    Look Harder and William Hall, I understand your comments. I have lived in this district for 14 years, have one son who graduated(now in Army), and two children who still attend these failing schools. It’s sad. They have been out of school since December 20th, were slated to go back this week. Due to the weather, they haven’t been back; and they are happy. Why? Not because of snow days, but because they go through hell on a daily basis at their schools. One of my children will be at another school building soon due to Bel-Nor closing. The ones who really get a raw deal in this is the children. This situation is one of Normandy’s own making, with teachers who don’t care, administrators who run things based on what it looks like on paper and to make a profit, and SOME parents who are being “buddies” to their kids. I am tired of my kids being casualties of educational warfare…..

  • Peter Abbot

    A zoo is an understatement. Kids with tattooes, anke monitoring devices, claiming they are “grown”, disrespecting the teachers, walking out of class, cursing, fighting, magnifying the sterotypes of an urban school, lack of police force, its a mess boileth over. Chaos and destruction and ignorance. This isnt a school but a juvenille center.

    • Gehrilocks

      Peter, at the High School Level in Normandy there is A LOT of what you say going on. I have one in elementary and one in middle school. I am very afraid for my kids and what this all means for them. We are not perfect parents by any stretch of the imagination, but my husband and I have always instilled good behavior and hard work in our kids. The other kids in their respective schools look at them as odd, because they don’t act out and actually do their work, make good grades. Unfortunately, they go through hell every day because of other kids who are not being parented correctly. My child in middle school actually overheard one of his teachers say she was only there for the paycheck. My child will be starting high school next year, and I DEFINITELY don’t want him at Normandy High School; If these things are going on at the elementary and middle school level, you can imagine how I feel sending my child to the high school; Like sending him into a lion’s den. Just know that while there are indeed parents not parenting, there are also a few who actually do raise their kids, or strive to, in the correct way. As for me and mine, we are doing all we can to get them out of this horrible educational environment.

  • Dude

    I’m reading these comments and I will speak as an Alumni coming from Normandy. I wont say my education was the best but, I did the best I could and it was where my mother could afford so we mad due. Not ALL Normandy children and parents are bad. Don’t let the media fool you, until you have taken a walk in any of these kids shoes in these neighbors or at NORMANDY you can’t cast any judgement. These are children and we should want the best for our them PERIOD. Only difference from Normandy School District vs the so called proclaimed good districts are there nonsense is swept under the rug a d it doesn’t make the media. Those kids are doing the same exact thing you just don’t hear about it. It exist EVERYWHERE just in a different form. We have marijuana..They have Meth. Its still a drug..Whats the difference?? We should be trying to build one another up INSTEAD OF POINTING THE FINGER OR TEARING EACH OTHER DOWN!!

    • Scott M

      there is nothing wrong with being honest about the out-of-control behavior and disrespect so common in districts such as Normandy.

      The problems will never be solved if we have to tiptoe around the truth in order not to offend some people.

  • Scott M

    Then they should go bankrupt. It will be a damning indictment of the way this district was run, and it will prove that no matter what you spend on the facilities, it will not necessarily ensure success.

    A real press, not the St. Louis Post-Dispatch of course, would do an analysis of what got the Normandy District in the condition it finds itself in — overpaying teachers and their pension funds, over-spending on facilities, pretending that infrastructure was the problem rather than student behavior. The real reasons will go ignored, as they have been with Detroit’s bankruptcy and on a larger scale, the country of Greece.

  • Pablo

    Bad apple spoils the bunch. Kick those kids out that aren’t caught up on there credits according to their grade level and use some of those closed schools as alternative schools and night school until they get caught up on credits. Too worried about the high school looking pretty when they should be hiring more teachers and keeping some of these closed schools open to keep classroom sizes smaller.

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