Parents upset after school district doesn’t remove snow from sidewalks

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WEBSTER GROVES, MO (KTVI)-- Parents of Avery Elementary School students in Websters Groves are outraged.

They say the sidewalks around the school and the cross walk were not cleared of snow when they arrived Wednesday morning to drop off their little ones.

They also say there were snow banks nearly a foot tall in the drop-off zone.

The district superintendent was not available for comment.


  • Claymont Parent

    This is nothing. The sidewalks at Claymont, in the Parkway district are never shoveled or salted. Right now there’s a mountain of snow at least 3 ft tall, blocking access to the crosswalk and campus. No convenient handicapped access, either, and there’s at least 1 wheelchair bound student.

  • StL Parent

    Whiney Webster groves parents. The school can’t shovel the cross walk or the drop off area every time cars or plows cover it with snow. Unbelievable!

  • Nina

    Oh shut up! Bring a shovel, get out of your car and help! Walk your child in to the building. Many hands make light work.

    • StL Parent

      Snow removal is a part of my job. Sunday and Monday I worked 14 hour days clearing snow even though it was below zero outside. I used the snow blower and shovel every time the plow drove down the street and tossed snow back on the sidewalks. I walked around outside in the cold with wet pants and wet socks. I know what it’s like. I started clearing snow before sunrise on Monday and did not go home until after dark. After work I went home and shoveled my wife and neighbors cars out and shoveled my neighbors walk. I do help and I work hard every day and still make time for my family. Next time you see someone outside clearing the sidewalks why don’t you thank them. You can’t expect someone to clear things every time the plow drives by and makes a mess of it.

  • Matthew

    As a Avery parent, I am not sure why this said “parents,” plural. The video showed one parent and a neighbor. Rest assured, many of us Avery parents are not outraged by well shoveled sidewalks, kind crossing guards, multiple drop zones, and safe, open schools. Now if all the homes in the Avery neighborhood would just shovel their sidewalks as well as the school did…

  • Victoria

    As a parent in the Webster Groves school district I am disappointed that some criticize the staff for doing the best they can under these circumstances. They should be thankful that the school had three days in session this week instead.

  • labwriter

    This is really pathetic, particularly that first woman’s comments, who was concerned that her son couldn’t negotiate “half a block” from her car to school–thinking that he would either get “hurt” or “soaked.” I wonder if her child has ever been allowed to play outside? Instead of complaining, an alternate strategy would be for her to park her car and walk with him, showing him that he can actually survive the half-block treck. Imagine–a teachable moment! I live near Avery, and I’ve observed that the current norm for many children, for whatever reason, is for the parents to drop them off and pick them up at school, even on bright sunny days. Some of these parents need to get a grip and realize how they are infantilizing their children.

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