St. Louis will not issue parking tickets until Monday

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- If you park in the City of St. Louis, there is good news--- at least for a few days.

Parking meter violations will not be enforced until Monday.

The St. Louis Treasurer`s office actually stopped issuing parking tickets this past Monday because of the snow.

Earlier Wednesday, there was some confusion after the treasurer`s office tweeted it would be ticketing cars parked on snow routes.

But it turns out those cars could only be ticketed if the city streets director declared a 'snow emergency,' which he had not, so the treasurer`s office reversed its decision, though a spokesperson says it still encourages drivers not to park on snow routes unless they have no other options.

But why, despite about a foot of snow falling on St. Louis did the city streets director decide not to declare a snow emergency?

"They declared one in the 80`s with the big two foot storm but it was quite a debacle to move all those cars, and it didn`t really work, and we have the room," said St. Louis City Streets Director Todd Waelterman.

"This was a very unique storm with the cold weather, and I don`t think the 12 inches played as big of a part as the cold did in trying to get that snow off the road," he said.

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