Jamestown Mall reopens after 3-week closure

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(KTVI) -After nearly a three-week closure, Jamestown Mall reopened on Friday.

The mall was shut down on December 20 because parts of the building were not properly heated.

The closure did not affect  Macy’s, Sears Tire and Auto Center, JC Penney or Dillard’s.

Code Enforcement inspectors found the temperatures in the mall was 59° on December 20th.  Commercial building code requires a temperature of at least 68°.

The mall was also shuttered by the county on November 27, when temps were recorded at 48°. The shopping area reopened two days later after management restored service with Laclede Gas. The mall’s common areas are heated with gas. The stores are electrically heated.

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  • Danni

    my gosh, just get rid of the whole mall… or bring it back!! There is no point of having all that mall space with 6 or 7 active stores.

  • Ms Sharon

    So I guess the African American community “spilled into the area” to kill Crestwood Mall?????
    If shoppers Black or White would support the stores in their area and QUIT running out to the new malls in West County, I believe most of our malls would still be profitable.

    • Ryan

      I agree, People need to support their area shopping centers. The subdivisions surrounding Jamestown Mall are far from being cheap housing, There definitely is, and has always been money in that area. Same thing with Crestwood & Webster Groves. All the vacant stores & the mall along Watson Road look like an eyesore because all of the residents rather support businesses in Brentwood, Des Peres, Fenton, or Chesterfield. What really puzzles me is when those same residents complain about the revenue and the lack of businesses in their cities. In defense of both Crestwood & Jamestown Malls, Their management & owners needed to do their parts as well. I know many associates that worked at both malls, a majority of those stores were practically forced out.

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