Parkway students displaced due to pipe burst

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CHESTERFIELD, MO (KTVI)-- Some Parkway School District grade schoolers are finding a temporary home after flooding at their school left them without classrooms.

Classes were back in session Friday in the Parkway School District after an extended Christmas vacation because of the snow.

But students at Shenandoah Valley Elementary won't be back in school until Monday because of a pipe burst that flooded parts of the school.

The schools 5th graders are actually being temporarily relocated to nearby Highcroft Ridge Elementary because their classrooms have the most damage.

Classrooms have already been set up for four 5th grade classes, a total of 88 students.

Friday afternoon Highcroft students were making welcome signs and cards for their temporary visitors.

Shenandoah Valley teachers also packed up their students belongings and put them in desks and cubbies at Highcroft, while Highcroft teachers moved around furniture and set up four classrooms.

The 5th graders are expected to be at Highcroft for up to 3 weeks.

You may recall Shenandoah Elementary had roof and water damage in a storm last April forcing them to cancel a day of school.

It will be an easy commute for students Shenandoah and Highcroft are just about a mile from each other.

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