Street crews dealing with increase in potholes

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- First it was the snow and cold, then the rain, and now the trouble created by that combination.


Anyone driving around St. Louis Friday likely ran across one someplace.

"Looks like it is about to cave in up there is some places," said Laclede Cab driver Otis Petticrew.

All that bouncing around can be tough on the shocks, but potholes in the winter are hardly shocking.

"As we do warm up, we will get potholes," said MoDOT Assistant District Engineer Tom Blair. "It just naturally occurs."

And the rain only makes things worse.

"You get a little bit of water in those small ones, and when the tire hits, it pops more material out and makes them grow really fast," said St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waelterman.

His department is already retooling some of its plow trucks for pothole duty, which could begin Saturday.

"We are going to be monitoring it in the morning, and if we have enough requests we will come in tomorrow  but we are looking for enough work to keep us busy," Waelterman said.  

There wasn`t much repair crews could do Friday because of the rain. In the city, crews filled some of the biggest holes with sandbags until the ground is dry enough for asphalt.

If you see a pothole on a state maintained road, call MoDOT at 888-ASK MODOT. (888-275-6636)

To report potholes in the city of St. Louis, call the Citizens` Service Bureau at 314-622-4800.  You can also send them a written complaint at

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