Will Normandy School District be able to stay in business?

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NORMANDY, MO (KTVI)-- As Fox 2 reported exclusively on Wednesday, the Normandy School District says it will be unable to pay its bills as of April 1st unless it gets an emergency infusion of $5 million from the Missouri State Legislature. So will Normandy be able to stay in business or will the district be dissolved, and its students face an uncertain future?

The unaccredited Normandy School District says it's broke because the state law forces it to pay tuition and busing costs for students who've transferred out to accredited school districts. Normandy says without an emergency $5 million appropriation from the legislature, the school district will go out of business by April 1st. But will the general assembly give them the money?

If the state doesn't come up with the $5 million and Normandy can't pay its bills, the state department of education tells Fox 2 that the Normandy School District would be dissolved. That would mean either the district would be taken over by a neighboring district or Normandy would be split into pieces and spread among several other districts or Normandy’s buildings would be abandoned, and students physically moved elsewhere. Two are state senators who want to reform the whole school transfer program tell us they're not sure whether the state legislature will okay the extra money for Normandy so the district can stay in business through the end of this school year.

But the outlook is more uncertain in the state house of representatives where a large number of fiscal conservatives from outstate Missouri seem to be opposed to giving Normandy any extra money.  We'll know more in less than three months.

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  • Cit Riverview

    Sorry,Schools district such as Normandy and Riverview should go out of the business of educating children. you don’t continue to keep a failing business running by pumping more money into it.Same goes for all the district,,this is not about black kids.

  • Denny Long

    An unintended consequence of a bad law. A school district cannot pay expensive tuition and busing costs and maintain their own classrooms also. It will only get worse unless the stupid law is repealed.

    • Mark A. Parkinson

      Denny…the situation that the Normandy School District finds itself in IS NOT an unintended consequence…that WAS the intended consequence of S.B. 380. The law is working exactly as intended as written in 1992.

  • Mark A. Parkinson

    The Normandy School District has enough money to hire a new lobbyist in Jefferson City and sponsor a House Elementary and Secondary Education Committee dinner (of which I am a member). I can not, in good conscious, attend a dinner sponsored by a School District that can not pay its current obligations, thus I will not be attending.

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